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Missing You, Master

Kitty is all alone, and she misses her Master very much. She starts playing with herself a little, rubbing the outside of her panties, talking about how badly she wants to feel him inside her. She takes out a tit and puts a clothespin on it, but says it's not the same and she pouts and sighs. She looks over to the left and sees her Master's hoodie. He didn't take it with him, and she doesn't think he'd really mind... She puts on the snuggly hoodie (several sizes too big for her) and says it feels like she's being hugged by him. It feels so good being wrapped up in his hoodie, smelling him, feeling the weight of it on her. She takes her panties off and lays back. She picks up a toy and begins to tease her pussy with it. "I wish it was Master's dick." She sighs as she works it into her pussy. She fucks her tight pussy with her toys, talking dirty from time to time and telling you how much she loves when Master fucks her pussy. She moans as she plays with herself, and then she licks her toys clean. She breathes his scent in one last time and tells you she misses you so much and can't wait for you to return. NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and her feeding tube is visible at times.


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