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Ash Kitty

Kitty is so excited Master is home! She welcomes him home in her french maid dress and asks him if he would like a drink, a cigarette, or if she could get him something else. "I'd like a cigarette" he tells her, and she hands him his pack of cloves. "Fetch your ashtray gag," Master tells Kitty. "I have it right here for you, Master." He buckles it on tightly and she turns around and happily wears the gag for him to flick ashes into while he smokes. Master tells Kitty how proud he is of how the house looks while he was gone for the day, and he blows smoke in her face while she wears the gag for him, playfully scooping at the smoke with the gag. She loves wearing the gag and only seems to become more playful with the smoke the more he blows it at her face. She loves having him flick the ashes off right under her nose. Master continues to blow smoke in her face and say slightly humiliating things about Kitty being his furniture. Kitty loves being her Master's ashtray.

NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible in this clip. You can see her feeding tube for a few brief seconds when she turns around to have her gag buckled on.


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