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Kitty's First Toe Ring

Kitty just got home from work a little while ago and her feet sure are tired. She is so excited to show you her first ever toe ring. Do you want to see it? "I cannot wait to get these shoes off. They're so cute but I've been on my feet all day." She unbuckles her leopard print shoes. "I love these cute little buckles." "Don't you just love the way my feet look in stockings? They're wicked cute, aren't they? I can't wait to take them off though, its been all day for me." She takes off her knee high stockings and you get to see her super sexy feet. She teases you with her toes a little. "I told you my manicure was cute. Do you like black toe polish? What color would you paint them if you were here?" she asks you. "I like that color too. She asks if you like her toe ring. Kitty tells you she's dying to give herself a foot rub. She pours some baby oil into her hands and spreads it smoothly over her soft, lovely feet. She works the oil in really well between her toes, all over her feet, into her soles. Kitty REALLY loves rubbing her feet for you! Don't you wish that she was rubbing your foot after a hard day's work? Kitty rubs both of her pretty little feet for you, getting them nice and wet with oil. Kitty has such pretty soles. Her feet are so petite. They feel so much better after their rub down. She teases you with her cute feet after their rub. Should she rub your feet next?


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