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Kitty Masturbates Kneeling In Rice

I kneel before you, innocently playing with a little cup of rice. What am I going to do with that rice? I dump it out all over the hard tile floor. What a little imp. With my Hitachi in hand I start rubbing my clit as I'm kneeling in the rice. You can hear me moan with pleasure. I love the feel of the rice on my knees. Such a deliciously painful ache. It burns, and I can feel it deep inside my knees. After I cum hard just for you, I taste my cum. At the end of the clip you can see my knees and how the rice stuck nice and deeply to my skin. This was my first experience kneeling in rice. As someone who has masochistic tendencies, I was excited to try this and to capture it on film. My knees bruised up real good the next day, and I am eager to try this again sometime.

NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible in this clip.


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