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Birthday Spankings

Kitty is kneeling in a tiara and her princess sash, as her Master tells her it's time for her yearly birthday spanking! He's so proud of her, he says, and he's chosen the boot paddle to mark this special day. After she shows respect, Kitty gets a large penis gag buckled in, and there's some shots of her being playful with the gag, so you can see all the drool the gag makes. Then, it's time for her spanking! Watch Kitty's bum get redder and redder. She's so good and stays very still for her Master. There's a shot of the gag being removed at the end, it's a big drooly mess! Like a good girl, Kitty says thank you to her Master for her spankings... She can't wait for her birthday spanks next year! NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible in this clip.


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