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duration 22:38
Eden's First Trance: Hot submissive mesmerised by domme video from Mesmerotic
Eden's First Trance: Hot submissive mesmerised by domme by Mesmerotic Eden's had many erotic experiences as a self-proclaimed submissive slut... but when it comes to hypnosis, she's a virgin. Imaginatrix adores defiling minds, and Eden was so curious about what being put into a deeply vulnerable trance, having her mind twisted and changed, would feel like. Although Eden is a little frightened at first, Trix seduces her subconscious with hypnotic words, controlling touches and her commanding yet feminine style of Dominance. Making it feel so good, until Eden is weak to her manipulations in both mind and body. Hair pulls, finger snaps and her distracting, magical fingers combine with trancing touches in Trix's mesmerising arsenal, and Eden's mind is helpless to the onslaught. Melting Eden into a helpless heap, too weak to hold herself up, Trix degrades her target for being such an easy mind to fuck, reminding her what a compromising position Eden has put herself in: with control of her mind, Trix has full access to Eden's body too. Trix then poses Eden's body like a toy. Before long, Eden's repeating Trix's words, "I'm a hypnotised whore for you", "I'm a mindless object" - new truths for her new plaything's eager mind to take deep. Trix gropes and touches her helpless toy, exploring her mouth and her breasts with those hypnotic hands, reminding Eden what a good piece of meat she is, taking a sadistic thrill in slapping her helpless face, each slap making Eden more helpless. Lastly, Trix installs a drop trigger, allowing her to take control of Eden's willing mind again, whenever she wishes. It may have been Eden's first time, but it certainly won't be her last... Models: Imaginatrix topping, Eden bottoming. More of Eden can be found at: onlyfans.com/kinkyeden More of Trix at hypnohedonista.com Ps. Yes we did release these in the wrong order, Trix just got too excited about the armpits shoot (https://apclips.com/mesmerotic/distorted-desires-hypnotically-manipulated-into-armpit-worship). You can watch the negotiation/aftercare for this shoot, and Distorted Desires, at: https://apclips.com/mesmerotic/negotiation-aftercare-distorted-desires ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://HypnoHedonista.com Sinister: http://SinisterDenial.com
duration 19:32
Mindless Puppy Training For Fuuka video from Miss Lollipop
Mindless Puppy Training For Fuuka by Miss Lollipop My friend Fuuka and I sit down after she arrives from her trip and I give her a ginger soda. She seems really stressed and it's no secret that I believe in relaxation therapy, so I offers to help her shake off some of the jet lag and anxiety I'm experiencing from traveling. Of course, I never have any ulterior motives hehe She trusts me, but makes me promise to not make me do anything "embarrassing". I quickly help her breathe and relax and pull her into my pretty green eyes with little effort, and she is helpless to my words and suggestions. I tell her that she no longer wants to be human, she just wants to be my little puppy. Then the fun really begins as she begins to follow my commands and I use a little clicker to train her. Every time I click it she pants and becomes even more puppy like! Fuuka becomes reluctant to follow my commands as I steadily make them more and more embarrassing, but her body has betrayed her and I controls me with her words and every click of the clicker takes her deeper into her puppy state. I collar her, makes her pant, fetch, beg, rollover, strip for me, drink her ginger soda from a bowl, sniff my butt, then try but fail (hilariously) to walk like a human. Then things get friskier and I have her lick her pussy (like it's peanut butter) till I cum, then I finally allow my horny pup to hump my leg as my little "puppy slut" till she cums. She's so embarrassed to be naked and humping my leg but she just can't help herself, she's such a horny pup! She is so relaxed and cum stupid that she just curls up and sleeps on the floor so I curl up with my exhausted little puppy friend.
duration 36:34
Trancing Touches and Mesmerising Kisses: Two subs entranced by mental femdom video from Mesmerotic
Trancing Touches and Mesmerising Kisses: Two subs entranced by mental femdom by Mesmerotic Imaginatrix loves to watch her playthings lose themselves in deep trance. And two playthings are far better than one! With Scarlot Rose and Faerie Willow kneeling at her feet, Trix casts her hypnotic spell over her willing toys and has them gaze into each other's eyes as they drop into trance. They soon find themselves trailing their fingers over each others' bodies, at Trix's suggestion, as she uses their touch to fractionate them into a helpless, sensual state of trance. Falling deep into trance, their head on her knee, Trix takes their minds away entirely by having them mindlessly repeat her words until they have no will of their own. Trix holds the power to manipulate their desires, and she focuses their attention on a desperate need to kiss each other. She toys with them, building that need, having them beg before allowing their lips to meet passionately - though each kiss takes them even deeper into her hypnotic hold. Using trance to amplify their sensitivity, Trix makes certain her playthings find each other's touches intensely pleasurable, shuddering and shaking. But Trix isn't finished - she's enjoyed the show, but now she plans to indulge herself. She runs her leather glove-clad hands all over their bodies, ramping up their arousal. Before long they're desperately begging to be given Trix's permission to enjoy hypnotic orgasms that leave them gasping and moaning. Now her toys have lost their minds to pleasure, Trix seals their fate by offering them a kiss each, which are charged with her hypnotic control. As their lips meet hers, she once again has her toys cascading into erotic bliss. Finally, she decides the cameras have seen enough, and has her mindless toys crawl after her, up to the bedroom.... Models: Imaginatrix topping, Scarlot Rose and Faerie Willow bottoming. More of Scarlot: On ManyVids: ScarlotRose.Manyvids.com On OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/scarlotrose On Twitter: https://twitter.com/Scarlotssecrets On Instagram: https://instagram.com/Scarlotssecrets More of Willow: On Twitter: http://twitter.com/faeriewillow_ On OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/faeriewillow On ManyVids: http://faeriewillow.manyvids.com/ ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://hypnohedonista.com Sinister: http://sinisterdenial.com
duration 21:32
Pegging a Fan POV Sissy Training video from Delphoxi
Pegging a Fan POV Sissy Training by Delphoxi You think you've won a "fuck a fan" contest, but you've got the whole idea WRONG! You show up, expecting to FUCK ME!? No! No! You've got it all twisted! It's not you that will be fucking me!! Never in a million fucking years! But I will be the one fucking you! You're hesitant, you've never been pegged before, but you've come all this way to have some sort of opportunity with me, so you take it! But there are some other requirements too ... you're going to have to let me put you in chastity! You're a girl now! A bitch! You have no penis! I tape it up so that you can't even tell it's there anymore! That's better! I like you better without your penis! Next I dress you up in some sexy women's lingerie, you're getting prettier! Almost good enough to be fucked by me! Next I apply some makeup and you're officially a pretty girl! A pretty little bitch that's ready to get done on her knees and suck my sexy girl cock !! You start sucking and I start cumming in your pretty mouth! You love the way my cock taste! You'd have a huge erection if your penis wasn't taped up and tucked tightly into your tight girly panties!!! You take me dick in your mouther like a good bitch! Now turn around, spread those keeps and let me fuck your sweet butt pussy with my thick girl cock until I cream pie your tight little hole! Good little slut! You're ready to be permanent female slave! You don't need your dick anymore! You're a sissy now!! My little bitch sissy !
duration 31:48
Stalker Satisfaction video from Miss Ellie
Stalker Satisfaction by Miss Ellie I've been watching you for a while now, you know, just around town and stuff... lol... well, anyways. I know your wife is gone for the weekend and now is my chance. I'm going to have you and you're going to love it. I'll get you hard, don't worry. Look at this little dress I'm wearing just hoping to get you rock solid. Pants down, it's time. I'm taking your cock in my mouth and talking dirty to you. You're so hard for you, I can't help but start riding you. My creamy pussy gets your cock so wet and it feels so good. I cum all over your hard cock and keep fucking going. I'm not done. You creampie me but only after I've stuck it in my ass, then bury it back in my pussy for you to shoot a load. I'll keep you one way or another. But, your wife never has to find out. She doesn't have to know why you left her... for me... haha. I'll make you wish you never married her and that you'd married me instead. Here, let me fuck you in doggy and ride that fucking cock. I'm taking it like such a good slut, aren't I? I'm YOUR good little slut now! Now I've got you!! You cum in my mouth and I fucking swallow and play with it. I told you, I'm a good little slut and I do things she won't. I'll do anything for you, absolutely anything, just for that dick. Now, give it to me again and I'm gonna ride it some more. Fuck yeah, babe, that makes me squirt, you're cock is fucking magical. Bet your wife doesn't cum on your cock like that. ^^^Some of the description is slightly out of order because I wrote this when I was extremely horny lmfao

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