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Yoga Teacher Guides You to OMgasm video from MsCakes
Yoga Teacher Guides You to OMgasm by MsCakes You've been super busy and stressed at work lately, so you decide to try taking a yoga class to help you relax and de-stress. As you walk into the yoga studio, you're greeted by a super hot Asian yoga teacher by the name of Ms. Cakes, dressed in a pair of skin-tight booty shorts and a skimpy sports bra. Well, you think you're beginning to see some of the benefits of yoga already! Ms. Cakes begins guiding the class through some sun salutations, but your mind is distracted by her tight, toned body as she demonstrates all the poses. You find it increasingly difficult to focus on the practice, as you can't stop checking out her perfect ass and legs in poses like wide-legged forward fold and happy baby pose. By the end of the class, your cock is rock-hard and you can't wait to go home and jerk off to the thought of her bending over with her ass up in the air. However, she stops you on the way out and asks if everything is okay, noticing how tense you look. You quickly try to hide your boner, but she just smiles and says she knows exactly what you need. She says she'd noticed you checking her out earlier, and she can't have you leaving her class feeling all tense and worked up... after all, relaxation is one of the most important aspects of yoga. With that, she turns around and bends over in that wide-legged forward fold you love, and tells you to take out your hard cock and start stroking it for her. She teases you by flashing her perky tits and pulling her shorts down to show off her tight ass in just a thong. You follow her every word as she encourages you to keep jerking off for her sexy body in all your favourite yoga poses. When she senses that you're getting close, she takes the panties off and gets into happy baby pose - on her back with her legs spread open wide, letting you see her beautiful pussy and asshole. She holds the pose as she gives you a countdown from 10, telling you to let go of all that tension and cum hard for her. Needless to say, you'll definitely be going back to Ms. Cakes' yoga classes every week from now on, and might even take up her offer to give you some private lessons!

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