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duration 43:13
Babysitter Becomes Mesmerized FUCK SLAVE video from TabithaXXX
Babysitter Becomes Mesmerized FUCK SLAVE by TabithaXXX Babysitter Becomes MESMERIZED Fuck Slave My Parents are Unable to take me to the Star Wars Convention even Though I'm in College and able to go on my Own, They ask My Old Babysitter to take me. I Have a Surprise for her, I bought her a Slave Leia Cosplay Costume to Wear, There really isn't much to It. She arrives and I present the costume to her, she laughs and says wear is the rest of it, I'm not wearing this. I Wave my hand and Try to Jedi Control and She laughs again, which I was really joking, the Real Magic M Control Device is My Light Saber, I pull out my Saber and Point it at Her and Say you will Put this Costume on, suddenly she has a blank look in her face and says I WILL PUT ON THE COSTUME, She is now Under My Control, She immediately begins to strip her clothes off and Put the costume on. WOW She Has the Biggest Boobs I have ever seen, Ever horny Boys dream and I should Know I'm getting pretty hard, I Have her suck her nipples, spread oil on her BIG BOOBS. I Honestly am amazed the cheap looking LightSaber actually worked and this HOT MILF is stripping and following my Commands, She's Even calling me Master Jedi, I Have My Very OWN PRINCESS LEIA SLAVE to do what I WANT WITH. I commanded her to lay down on her back and play with her pussy, she's wearing the sexiest pantyhose, it's so hot and such a turn on watching her rub her pussy through her pantyhose. I tell her to rip her pantyhose and play with her pussy and she obeys. I Command her to Suck My Hard COCK, Taking it deep down her throat. I command her to face her ass towards me, her big ass poking through the Pantyhose I Slip My stiff cock into her pussy, it's so wet and warm, I Pound her doggystyle. I Then commanded her to ride me, her big natural tits bouncing and swaying in my face, I'm in heaven. I Have stroke and suck me some more, I don't want this to end but we have a convention to get to, I Fuck her doggystyle some more and when I'm ready i have her stroke and suck until I'm ready to CUM, I stand above her and CUM into her MOUTH, My CUM Soaking her Tongue, cum drips out of her mouth down her chin, So HOT, I Love Having having my very Own MILF as My Controlled Sex Slave.
duration 28:42
Mind Milked: Hucow Titnosis Scene, breast play makes cute cosplay cow video from Mesmerotic
Mind Milked: Hucow Titnosis Scene, breast play makes cute cosplay cow by Mesmerotic There's something about tits - so soft, pliable, sensitive - that makes them so tempting to toy with. For the person that's being caressed, groped, and pinched, it can feel wonderfully relaxing, arousing, and focusing. In the face of so much pleasure, it can be very hard to think. Imaginatrix knows that. And with Kayleth's beautiful breasts under her hands, she knows how to milk her mind out. Dressed as her cute little hucow and positioned in her lap, Kayleth slips into mindlessness as her tits are manipulated. Once she's submitted her mind to the rhythmic pleasure, Trix begins changing Kayleth: removing her humanity, and replacing it with a simple little cow brain, who's only desire is to have her udders touched and her thoughts squeezed out of her head. Reluctant and embarrassed at first, it isn't long until Kayleth is mooing mindlessly. Whether pleasure or pain, a hucow just needs milking, a Trix attached suction cups to Kayleth's udders to fulfill that need, reminding her that sweet little hucows don't get a choice how they're treated, a Kayleth moos helplessly at the painful tugs to her nipples. Perhaps if she's a very good hucow, Trix will keep her for breeding... Models: Imaginatrix topping, Kayleth bottoming. Manacles from https://www.harlequinworks.com/ More of Kayleth can be found at: http://linktr.ee/kayleth ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://linktr.ee/hypnohedonista Sinister: http://SinisterDenial.com
duration 31:44
Brandi of Sheffield video from Jay Kennedy
Brandi of Sheffield by Jay Kennedy Arranging a punt with Brandi was easy and she responds if you have good manners and are respectful which is how you should be to all escorts. Brandi even recommended a place to book for the outcall! Brandi arrived on time, causally dressed and changed into lingerie. They sat on the sofa and had a chat. Brandi is from Sheffield and is a proper Yorkshire lass. She has been a glamour model, Pornstar and is now escorting. Brandi used to work for local escort agencies but she has been an independent escort for 2 years now. Brandi is genuinely bisexual and has done many couple bookings where she has sex with the wife and fucks the husband. She is an expert at spicing up life in the bedroom for married couples! Brandi can also provide two girls and one of her partner’s is Scarlett Star. “Do you want to have your experience? Shall we go through to the bedroom?” suggested Brandi. Tony took hold of Brandi’s hand and led her through to the small bedroom. They started kissing and Brandi undressed Tony. Brandi removed her bra to reveal her lovely big tits. “Do you think their natural or fake?” asked Brandi. Tony hesitated. How does a guy answer that question? “They’re fake” laughed Brandi. Brandi suggested Tony lay on the bed and she demonstrated her oral skills. It was a good blowjob and Tony offered to return the favour. He enjoyed licking her beautiful pussy. From the noises Brandi made she seemed to be enjoying it too. Brandi wanked Tony off while he played with her tits. She gave him another blowjob. You can tell Brandi likes sucking cock. Tony asked her to lick his balls and Brandi happily obliged. He was now rock hard and they sorted out a condom. Brandi suggested they start off in doggy and got on all fours. Tony entered her and gasped with pleasure. “Oh that’s nice” he said. He pumped away but he soon had to slow down as her pussy was so tight. Tony was in greave danger of cumming quickly. He bravely carried on fucking her, but soon he needed a break. After a break and a drink of water for Tony they returned to the bedroom. This time Tony was much better controlled and they fucked a whole lot more – in mish, spoons and then mish again. Brandi is wonderfully vocal as you fuck her and Tony certainly enjoyed giving it to her. To finish his session Tony decided to cum over Brandi’s big tits. First he had a cheeky little tit wank and this actually turned him on so much he quicky shot his white hit spunk all over Brandi’s tanned tits. What a great finish to a good session with a lovely lady. Highly recommended.
duration 19:19
First Fuck and Suck with Johnny Huskee (creampie) video from Dani Sorrento
First Fuck and Suck with Johnny Huskee (creampie) by Dani Sorrento I have played with Johnny before, but I never had his cock inside of me! We had so much fun playing together before, but this was even better. We start off with a POV camera view while I lick, suck and tease his cock and balls. Getting it all wet to slide into my tight little pussy. I ride him reverse cowgirl as he watching my cheeks bounce, grabbing and slapping my ass as I go. It switches to a side view then. I continue to ride him a bit more before he wants to take control. I get on my knees as he teases me and then pounds me doggystyle. I flip over and he gives it to me with my legs pushed back, reaching up and grabbing onto my neck as he fucks me. It feels so amazing, but he isn't done with me yet. Johnny gets behind me while I am on my back and then reaches forward to vigorously finger my wet pussy. You can hear and see how much I enjoy it, my pussy juices getting everywhere! He even shoves his cock down my throat this way, while continuing to pleasure me with his fingers. I love gagging on a cock while cumming! I flip back over on my knees and you get another view of him pounding me doggy style. I want his cum so badly though. He finally puts me on my back again and shoves his cock in and out until he fills me up with his jizz! I love a good creampie and he even grabs the camera so you can see what a mess he made in me. With it dripping out of my well fucked pussy, I start to dig my fingers in and taste it (dirty talk, multiple cameras, Johnny Huskee, @IshootvideoLV, Dani Sorrento, @spankdani, POV bj, sloppy blowjob, ball sucking, cock licking, eye contact blowjob, spit, gagging, moaning, brunette, brown eyes, long hair, straight hair, make up, lingerie, babydoll dress, pull tits out, bubble butt, big ass jiggling, phat ass bouncing, huge cheeks shaking, big breasts, multiple positions, doggy style, riding, reverse cowgirl, barefoot, long feet, painted toes, fancy nails, acrylic nails, long fingers, missionary, tits jiggle, ass slapping, spanking, wet pussy, fingering, finger pussy, male orgasm, female orgasm, chubby, bbw, curvy, thick thighs, shaved pussy, trimmed cock, creampie, cream pie, cum in pussy, cum eating, drip out of pussy)

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