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duration 16:21
Art Teacher Loves Your Body video from Fiona Dagger
duration 27:59
Your Sister Wants To Play video from Fiona Dagger
Your Sister Wants To Play by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You're hanging out on the bed with your sister when she starts complaining about being bored. You try to suggest a few things you could do together but she shoots them all down, saying she wants to do something more interesting. She brings up a game she saw in a movie and says it might be fun to play, but warns you that it's a little unusual... She explains that it's a guessing game, where she would put on a blindfold and you would put random objects into her mouth, for her to guess what they are! You agree and let her guess a few different objects from around the house, which she manages without too much trouble. She then says that in the movie they took it a bit further, but again warns you it's a little strange... She describes how they would get a few different sex toys, and try to identify those in their mouths! She tells you not to feel awkward about it, but she has some toys in her bedroom, if you would be up for trying that... You're a little surprised but say sure, why not, so she puts her blindfold back on and you begin putting a few different dildos into her mouth for her to identify. It's turning you on quite a bit watching her sucking each dildo to figure out which one it is, and when it comes to the moment where you would put a realistic dildo into her mouth, a crazy idea seizes you and you quickly pull out your hard cock and put that into her mouth instead! She's confused, taking her time feeling it with her tongue and trying to figure out which toy it is, but she just can't do it. She goes to remove the blindfold and you quickly stuff your cock back into your pants and hold the dildo in front of you, just quick enough that you get away with it! Your sister accepts that she must have just not been able to identify that one properly, and then decides to tell you about the third and final part of the game she saw. She says it's pretty kinky, but if you have an open mind it should be fun - she wants to try identifying the same toys again, but with her pussy this time! You're still rock hard in your pants so of course you agree straight away, and she puts the blindfold back on and bends over, pulling down her panties to give you access. You use all the toys on her again, and briefly consider using your cock again instead of the realistic dildo, but decide against it and instead slide the dildo into her pussy. She guesses which one it is straight away, and remarks on how odd it is that she could recognise it in her pussy when in her mouth it felt so different! You watch her thinking to herself for a moment, then she surprises you by asking if she could see your cock, as she wants to compare it to the dildo... Nervously you agree, and pull out your hard cock for her to examine. She holds the dildo up next to it and thinks to herself, and just as you're starting to panic she surprises you again by saying she's got another idea for how you can continue the game.... She wants you to strip off and lie down on the bed, then hold the dildo so that she can fuck it and pretend it's your real cock! She says she'll put the blindfold back on so it really feels like she's riding you, and says how dirty and hot it will feel pretending to fuck her brother - though of course it's fine, as she'll only be fucking the toy, not you! You lay back and hold the dildo over your crotch as she climbs on top of you, then as she pulls the blindfold down again you make a split second decision and pull the toy away, letting her slide down onto your erection instead. She groans in bliss and says how much more real it feels in this position, it really does feel like she's got your actual cock inside her! She begins riding you, getting more and more into the 'pretence' and talking about how filthy it would be to actually fuck her brother like this, instead of just pretending... At one point your cock slips out and you manage to grab the dildo and put it back in position just in time for her to remove her blindfold. She seems a little suspicious but wants to carry on, and you manage once again to take away the toy and get her to mount your cock instead. It's not long before she's cumming hard on your cock, and her pussy squeezing you feels so incredible that you can't help but orgasm at the same time as her. She realises as she's cumming that she can hear you moaning, and feel your seed flooding her pussy, so she pulls off the blindfold to find you buried deep inside her as cum begins to leak out of her pussy! She's exasperated and annoyed, though it seems like she's less annoyed about you tricking her than you cumming inside her! She angrily tells you that she's not on the pill, so you'd better hope she doesn't get pregnant, as she's super fertile right now! TAGS: british, english, redhead, ginger, tattoos, tattooed, posh accent, pale, taboo, fantasy, wincest, roleplay, dirty talk
duration 15:36
Fucked In A Medical Trial video from Fiona Dagger
Fucked In A Medical Trial by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and is NON EXPLICIT - the sex is simulated off screen) You've entered into a medical trial and are going for your first appointment. Your doctor seems immediately attracted to you, complimenting you on your physique and telling you that she would remember you if she'd seen you before! She tries to stay professional as she walks you through what to expect from this trial - the pill you'll be taking will alter your suggestibility and make you more open to new experiences. She tells you that there shouldn't be any unpleasant side effects, in fact most participants report feelings of euphoria and peace. You say you understand and are ready to proceed, so she gives you a pill to take, then does a few basic tests on you while you wait for the effects to start - slipping in a few questions about your love life, how often you work out etc, which you're not 100% sure are entirely relevant to the test... Soon you begin to feel a warm glow and a tingling sensation in your body, and your doctor notices that you seem flushed and happy, asking you if you're beginning to notice some effects. You tell her you're feeling good, and she informs you that for the next part of the test she'll need you to disrobe completely. This seems fair enough to you so you happily strip your clothes off while the doctor watches, then stand there as she examines your body closely. She seems impressed with what she sees, taking her time to move around your body, and touching you gently. She checks with you that you're still feeling that euphoric glow, and when you confirm that you are, she tells you that for the next part of the test she'll need to remove her pants as well. You don't see anything strange about this so you tell her to go ahead, and watch as she quickly pulls off her trousers and panties. She tells you to lie back on the couch behind you and when you do she climbs on top of you and begins stimulating you with her hand, telling you that she's testing your responsiveness. You become hard very quickly, which seems to please her, and then you lie there as she mounts you, beginning to slowly ride your cock as she murmurs about how this is all a part of the test... She gets faster and faster, her breathing becoming heavy and flustered until you watch as she cums hard on your cock, just as you reach orgasm too! She quickly grabs a tissue to clean you up, then tells you that she got some very interesting data from you today but she'll want to see you next week for some further tests!
duration 44:42
Hiring Your Escort Daughter video from Fiona Dagger
Hiring Your Escort Daughter by Fiona Dagger **If you're a fan of my taboo content, check out my taboo (bro/sis, daddy/daughter, mom/son and more!) roleplay stuff at JustFor.Fans/FionaDagger !** (This was originally filmed as a custom video, and has a long build up section of talking, flirting etc - the explicit action starts at minute 18) Your daughter is getting ready for an appointment with a new client, and as she sensuously gets dressed and does her makeup she reminisces about her estranged father and how she looks for similar qualities in all the men she dates. She thinks about how she misses him, and how much she resents her mother for pushing you away from her and saying that your relationship was inappropriate. Once she's ready, she makes her way to the hotel, and is stunned into silence when you open the door. At first she assumes she must have got the wrong room, and tries to leave, feeling embarrassed about her attire and what you must think, but you calm her down and invite her into the room to talk. Once inside, you explain to her that you hadn't realised it was your daughter you were booking - you just thought it was someone who looked a lot like her, it's been years since you two have seen each other, after all! This reassures her a little, but she questions you about why you would hire someone who looked like her - isn't that a bit strange? You admit to her that you tend to favour girls who look like her, and that you've always found her beautiful. She begins to relax and warm up, and tentatively asks you more questions, trying to seek out your true feelings. She mentions how her mother was always suspicious of your intentions towards her, and when you admit that perhaps there was some truth in that, she seems relieved and excited; confessing to you that she always felt drawn towards you, probably more so than a daughter should. As you catch up she moves closer and closer to you, until you're both confessing your desire for each other. She shyly suggests that since you hired her to do a job, she could go ahead and do so... If you'd still be okay with that. She tells you how much she wants you, and how she's felt guilty about it for years, but she doesn't want to feel bad about it any more. She peels off her dress and kneels down to show you how much she's missed you, worshipping your cock and asking if she's better than her mother, and than the other girls you've hired. She then begs to be able to sit on your face, confessing that it's been a fantasy for years, and climbs atop you so that you can lick her soaking wet pussy. Soon she can't hold back any more and simply must have you inside her, and she rides your cock in cowgirl, telling you how much she's missed you and how amazing it feels to have you inside her at last. You then bend her over the bed and pound her pussy, and she gets wilder and wilder as you do so, begging you to use her like a slut and do whatever you want to her - and after you've made her cum hard, you surprise her by sliding your cock into her asshole without warning! She loves it and tells you to use her holes however you'd like, only asking that she can look into your face as you cum, so you flip her onto her back and keep pounding her tight ass. As you get close she admits that she's not on birth control but she doesn't care, she's desperate to feel you filling her pussy with cum, so you pull out of her ass and slide back into her wet pussy, pounding until both of you cum together!
duration 29:10
Vampiric Thrall: Entranced and bitten by a seductive, hypnotic vampire. REAL Hypnokink scene! with Faerie Willow and Imaginatrix video from Imaginatrix Hypnosis
Vampiric Thrall: Entranced and bitten by a seductive, hypnotic vampire. REAL Hypnokink scene! with Faerie Willow and Imaginatrix by Imaginatrix Hypnosis Real hypnosis, believable and erotic vampire scene! Sweet little @faeriewillow and I were shaping my nails into claws for the Halloween weekend, and we both got a little excited by the feeling of my monstrous hands running over her pale skin. So, although it was nearly the witching hour and Willow was due to fly away at any moment, we couldn't resist going ahead with a little vampirical scene we had planned! Willow, in her loose white nightgown, makes the perfect victim. I blend with the shadows in my cowl hood and black gown as I bring her down into trance with the feel of my claws running over her skin, my hands pulling her hair. I induce a deep trance where she believes herself to be deep in slumber (and since she'd been sleeping in this bedroom the last few nights her mind was very receptive to the idea!) and that I am a demon, a vampire, all my gestures and words so enchanting. I crawl onto the bed as she wakes, and proceed with my demonic seduction. Willow, whilst visibly terrified, respond to my magic, following my fingers, eyes rolling, swaying, stripping her clothes away to reveal the delicious flesh of my prey. She feels herself drawn into my powers, eventually begging me to take that final bite... There's a consent discussion at the beginning and end, and post-scene Willow is so overwhelmingly happy about her first taste of mesmeric fear play than she even does a little cry! And we hug a lot. I hope you enjoy this spookily sensual vampire scene! This is a REAL hypnokink play scene, so if you've ever wondered how you can deepen the intensity of a roleplay scenario, or you're just really into people being entranced by vampires, you're in the right place! Faerie Willow can be found at OF: www.onlyfans.com/faeriewillow Twitter: www.twitter.com/faeriewillow_ I'm Imaginatrix, I'm a hypnotic switch and powerful and effective hypnotist! Find more of my hypnotic exploits at: www.mesmerotic.net OF: onlyfans.com/hypnohedonista Patreon: patreon.com/hypnohedonista Twitter: twitter.com/hypnohedonista
duration 27:06
Big Sis Takes Your Virginity video from Fiona Dagger
Big Sis Takes Your Virginity by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and is NON EXPLICIT - there are no toys used, I do get naked but all sex acts are simulated off screen) You're minding your own business one day in your room when you big sister barges in and starts complaining about all the chores she has to do. She tries to convince you to help her out and do some of them but you refuse, so she attempts to bargain. She thinks for a moment and then slyly suggests that she could help you out with handjobs in exchange for chores - she knows how frustrated and horny boys your age are, you must be dying for relief. You say no way, siblings aren't supposed to do stuff like that, it would be too weird! But she's not giving up so easily, and says fine, if a handjob isn't enough, how about a blowjob? You're unsure but you've been wondering what it would be like to get your cock sucked for a while now, and you're too horny to resist. So you nervously agree, and your sister excitedly tells you she'll give you your first one now so you know she's not tricking you, and then you can do the dishes for her afterwards! She kneels down to suck your cock and it doesn't take much time before you shoot your load in her mouth! She laughs and shows off how much cum you've deposited onto her tongue before swallowing it down and reminding you to get on with the dishes! The next day, you find your sister watching a show and shyly ask her if she'd want to exchange another chore for a blowjob... She looks pleased but says she has a better idea - if you do all of her chores this afternoon before mum and dad get home, she'll let you fuck her. In fact, she'll be your sex slave for 2 whole weeks - you can use her mouth or her pussy whenever you want, even if she's napping, and you can cum in her pussy too! You can't resist such a great offer and although you're nervous to lose your virginity to your sister you say yes please, and ask if you can get started right now in the bedroom. She strips off and jumps into bed, shyly getting beneath the covers and telling you to get your clothes off and get in with her. You climb on top of her and grind your dick against her stomach for a bit before she warns you to stick it in before you end up cumming! You slide inside her and to her amusement it only takes 3 or 4 strokes before you fill her pussy with cum! She laughs but tells you not to worry about it, it was your first time after all, and you've got a whole two weeks to enjoy her. In fact, as you seem to be getting hard again straight away, would you like to try again now? You say yes and she rolls onto her side so she can go on her phone while you fuck her again, chatting to you about what's for dinner later and whether you like cumming inside her. You last a bit longer this time before you cum, and she cups her pussy to hold your spunk in before running to the bathroom to empty it out! A few days later she's hanging out in her underwear and you ask if you can cum in her pussy again - she says yes, of course, and quickly pulls her panties to the side to let you fuck her. This time you last even longer and she moans as you fuck her and tells you about how much she enjoys having guys cum inside her and the feel of it in her pussy. After you cum she reminds you to finish all her chores and to make sure your homework is done too!

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