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Tied with the nylon rope, blindfolded and gagged, Kitty lies waiting for her Master. "Kitty! Do you know what you've done? Do you?!" Kitty can only moan helplessly obviously confused by her Master's stern voice as she lays helplessly with her legs bound and her pussy exposed. "You've done EVERYTHING I've told you to do. You are getting a reward orgasm. Right NOW. NO Getting out of it." Kitty giggles behind her gag. Her Master plays with her with the Hitachi until she cums hard and rolls over into him despite all of her rope. You can see her working herself against the toy. Kitty should always try to be good, if more rewards like this await her. "Such a good Kitty, that looks like a very happy pussy." NOTE: Kitty's Ostomy is visible in this clip.


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