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4396 on Auction

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Kitty is on a leash with a large leather ballgag in, and instead of being called by her name is referred to only by the humiliating title of "4396" during this clip. 4396 is up for auction. "Alright, come here 4396," her handler tells her. "Up," he pats the table. 4396 jumps up on the table and stops when the handler tells her to stop. He clips her in to a leash on the wall and says "Alright 4396, Display position." 4396 straightens up. "For auction today we have slave number 4396. Look at how firm and taut her skin is. Note the beautiful pale coloring of her hide. Look at how glorious her mane is." He tangles his in her hair and pulls her head up so you can see her eyes on camera. "And look at the beautiful blue of her eyes. That's a rare feature in this breed." "Look at these large, luscious breasts. You just want to reach out and squeeze them. And the beautiful pale nipples. Perfect for pinching, pulling, teasing, or biting. Ready for whatever you want, whenever you want, if this creature were yours. Look at these hips, a perfect figure 8. A wonderful place to grab when you're taking her from behind. Look at that sweet pussy. It would make anyone wanna slide right in. It tastes even better than it looks. That pussy would make anyone a proud owner." "4396, position 26." 4396 moves to show off her legs. "And let's not forget about these cute legs. They look just as good in the air as they do spread eagle on a bed. And they feel great wrapped around you while you ravish her. Look at these dainty size 5 feet. Have you seen anything cuter? They're so soft and pretty, they look good with and without the nails polished and this slave has been trained to paint them on command. Owner must provide the polish." "Slave 4396: nadu." 4396 kneels. "Does anyone have a starting bid for 4396? I'd like to start the bidding at $100.." NOTE: Kitty's ostomy bag is visible in the beginning of the clip for a few seconds and her port is accessed and visible during most of the clip.


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