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Piss Kitty: Teased and Humiliated

Kitty is dressed sweetly for you in pink and white ears and a cute yellow goldilocks dress with her hands bound in black wrap as your adorable kitty. She wears a white fluffy tail. You have left a bowl of water out for her and she can speak only in "mews." You take out three of her favorite kitty toys and play with her a little, amused at how cute she is picking the toys up in her teeth and trying to bat at them with her wrapped paws. After a few minutes of playing she starts to "mew" and you tease her, asking if she needs to pee. "Mew" she says, nodding vigorously. She must have licked up too much of that water you left out for her. You leash her, and make her climb up onto her litter box and humiliate her by watching her pee into it. You even make her beg for a piece of toilet paper. Poor little kitty. Of course you have to use the litter box when you're just a cute, dumb little play thing for Master. When she's done with the litter box, Master tells her how good she was and gives her nose rubs. What a good girl! NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible, and her ostomy bag is also noticable for a few moments.


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