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Shoe Print Kisses

This was from a Custom! Kitty is the new secretary at the office. You chose her to be your secretary. She was told ahead of time that you're a bit hard of hearing, so she asks you to come sit a bit closer. That's right. Now you'll be able to hear better. She starts off taking notes innocently enough, but she says she's a bit nervous, especially since this is her first time working with you. "Am I doing a good job taking notes for you? Sometimes when I get nervous, I kind of just kick my feet, does it bother you when I kick my feet?" You see her leg swinging, and she just kicked you right in the crotch! She smiles coyly, and you definitely think it was on purpose, and that she just enjoyed that as much as you did! She's just using her "nerves" as a cover up, it seems. Now that she's sure you like it too, she starts lightly teasing you. She's sure it's actually her well-worn, dirty shoes you're really into. "It seems like you really like my SHOES, don't you?" She starts casually rubbing her foot over your crotch. "What do you think? I have a date to go to tonight. Do the bottom of my shoes look too worn?" She continues pressing her heels to your crotch. She teases you about her heels and how worn and dirty the bottoms are. You seem very shy and humiliated by her heels. She begins to leave little shoe prints all over your crotch as she teases you, and your pants even begin to become wet as she lightly humiliates you with her light dirty talk now that she knows the secret of what really gets you going. The only thing is.. You have a meeting in fifteen minutes, and you're going to have to go in front of the entire group with your crotch covered in your secretary's shoe prints! It seems you won't be the only one blushing! (Note: Kitty's port is accessed and visible and her feeding tube is visible from time to time.)


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