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Red Vinyl Kitty's Embarrassing Hiccups

Kitty was sitting at home preparing to film for her YouTube channel when she suddenly got a case of the hiccups. She was sitting in front of her camera at the time. Since the camera was already rolling, her Master just let it roll thinking Kitty's hiccups would just stop. How long could they possibly last, anyway? Unfortunately for the both of them, Kitty's hiccups weren't in the mood to give up and go home. As you watch the video, you can see Kitty getting frustrated (in a funny/silly way). She laughs, and every time she thinks she's done hiccupping, she waits a minute and then she starts hiccupping again which makes her a little bit more frustrated. Eventually she picks up the microphone and she puts it to her face so you can hear he hiccups clearly. She's finally just given in to the hiccups - if you can't bear them, join them! Keywords: Hiccups, embarrassed, glasses, non nude, cute, kitty ears, giggles, laughing, funny, silly, blonde,


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