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Caressing my Legs with Dirty Talk video from Lotus
Caressing my Legs with Dirty Talk by Lotus Custom prompt: "fictional scenario starts with you basically caressing your legs on the bed while in a bathing suit. at least as close up as www.manyvids.com/Video/1220603/Sensual-Striptease/ . at some point, as you're cupping your calves, you're like, "remember when i did this yesterday and you couldn't look away? you couldn't even get up and come play in the surf when i held out my hand for you to come with me because of what i'd done to you, could you? everyone would have seen how hard i'd made you. why was cupping my calves like this so intense for you? because my legs are so so gorgeous? or was it because you imagined me doing... this?" as you lift your calves a bit and spread them apart too. "is that what you wanted? for me to lift my legs and then wrap them around your hips and pull you into me so deep?" you take off your bikini bottoms. "or were you thinking about how you want to slide my hands under yours along my thighs so slowly, so sensuously, inward, like this, slide them towards where your lips lightly brush against mine down here? while your tongue tells my clit things beyond words. while you suck my clit up to you and squeeze my ass in your hands as you lift me up to you. before you push my calves up so that my knees are up near my face as you feel me getting close and about to come against your tongue. thought so! think about that when you're making yourself come tonight. next time i see you, i'll see it in your face if you did."

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