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Catnip Sneezes

Kitty is dressed in a velvet catsuit and it seems she has gotten into a big box of "catnip" (OK, the catnip is actually sneezing powder!) there's "catnip" everywhere, all over her hair and all over the box, too. She starts playfully sniffing and playing around and she starts to feel a little bit sneezy. She gets some delightful false sneezes before actually getting some real powerful sneezes! Around the middle of the clip, Kitty lets out a happy little giggle as she's playing in the box, and then a cute little "uh oh" as she realizes maybe she inhaled too much powder at once! This is followed by more giggles and then four big powerful sneezes in a row! You can really see how much fun Kitty is having with her catnip box. Further into the clip, she asks her Master (off camera) for tissues, and tries to wipe her messy red nose with her paw mittens on! She asks for more and more tissues to try and wipe her messy, wet nose! Poor Kitty. She sure looks cute giggling and wiping her nose though. After she's done wiping her nose though, she goes back to playing around in her box and finds some more catnip powder for her to sniff around and gets sneezy again! Contented, Kitty curls up in her box happy and all sneezed out. You will like this clip if you like: sneezing, sneezes, powerful sneezes, runny nose, wet nose, pet play, nose blowing, pet play sneezing, Video contains eight total sneezes.


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