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Slaves Pee Outside

Kitty is taking care of the plants when her Master (off screen) checks on her. He tells her she's doing a good job. She asks for permission to pee. He says she can. "Thank you, Master." She moves to go towards the bathroom, but as she does he stops her. "Noo. You go outside now." Kitty looks confused for a minute but doesn't argue. "Yes.. Master," she stammers. "Outside?" "Outside." "Outside?" "Outside." She opens the door and goes outside. "Here?" "Right there is fine," her Master tells her. She squats down by the shed and starts to pee. She's embarrassed doing it outdoors but she does it anyway. The rest tof the clip is Kitty going outside several times throughout the rest of the day to pee. There are different angles, close up, far away, Kitty turned around etc. You can hear the neighbor hammering in his yard the next yard over, but no one is visible in the clip but Kitty. NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible, and her feeding tube is visible at times.


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