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Kitty's Glow-Up

Kitty is disheaveled! Her owner brings her by the grooming shop to get her cleaned up before a big party at his house that night. The Groomer seems annoyed. "Whaddaya want me to do with her?" "I dunno. Paint her nails. Give her a glow-up. Something." Kitty, undeterred, sits there looking happy as usual. Her Owner leaves and the Groomer tells her that maybe she needs a new outfit. Voila, she's in a new prettier outfit. Next he straightens up her crooked ears. He tells her to show him her ears and chooses a pair of earrings for her. How pretty she looks! Kitty's head is in the Groomer's lap now, and he strokes her head softly. "You're looking so pretty," he tells her. She lets out a soft "Mew," "Let me see your paw," he says. She puts one hand in his lap and then the other and he says "Yeah we gotta do something with those nails." He paints her nails briefly (most of the nail footage is not shown, you only see a few nails getting painted), Kitty shows off her nails briefly to the camera at the end after they are dry while her groomer tells her she's going to look "so good" for the party. Kitty beams. The Groomer now tells kitty that her owner told him to give her "The Glow-Up Treatment" which starts at 2:45 (In case you want to skip the majority of the story) Kitty is hooked up to the Glow-Up Machine with the toy that she came in with in her mouth, and a leash attached to some heavy-duty leather cuffs around her wrists. She has knee-high black socks on in the video. The Groomer turned the machine up until he's satisfied with it and then mentions "All the kitties love the Glow-Up Treatment." Kitty is enjoying the treatment when the Groomer mentions that her owner will be there soon and passes her a vibrator. Kitty spits her toy out of her mouth and plays with herself until she cums. After she cums, she licks her toy. In the next scene, Kitty's face is all red and the Groomer mentions that she's a good kitty and her cheeks are all flush. He asks for her paw and puts a bracelet on it to match her flushed cheeks, and then because she's been a good kitty she gets a giant bow because "ALL the good kitties get a bow." Kitty is given a giant bow, and looks especially pleased with herself. Kitty's owner shows up, with her leash to bring her home. NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible in this. Also: Kitty's Master does the voice of both the Groomer and Kitty's owner in this, so you have to use your imagination a little bit to make the beginning work. There's approx 6.5 minutes of fucking machine fucking in this.


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