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Custom: Tricking the Sock Fairy

The Sock Fairy is in her sock lair, and she's just been summoned. She's clearly upset. She can't seem to find the pair of socks she's looking for. Where are they? "I need my punishment socks so I can punish that silly little cock, but I just.. Where did they GO?" She throws socks around left and right before finding them. "Oh, here they are. Wait a minute. THESE aren't my punishing socks. These socks are soft. These. I know who put these here. I'll fix this." She grabs her nearby magic wand. (I mean, come on, did you REALLY think you'd trick the Sock Fairy?? And she turns the soft socks back into her punishment socks. She seems happier now. "There we go. My nice, thick, rough socks. I'm going to show up, and I'll show him." In the next scene the Sock Fairy seems extra sweet. Dangerously sweet. You're nervous. You should be. "I'm back." She looks at you with her sweet blue eyes. "I came as soon as I could, but you see.. There was a little problem this morning." She seems to be completely calm and relaxed with you as she continues. "Do you know what happened, when I went into my sock cupboard?" She pauses while she listens to your explaination, and her sweet smile melts away. Her voice falls flat. "Don't play innocent with me. I know you know what happened. I had to get my magic wand out," she tells you as she drags the wand across your pee hole. You realize you're in for it now. The Sock Fairy knows it was you. How could you have tried to play a trick on her? "Oh you weren't expecting it as rough this time? Magic wand's a little rough on your pee hole, isn't it? No. You were expecting something different? How did THESE get there?" she interrogates you and holds up the super soft socks. "Yes, they DO look similar to my other socks, don't they?" she croons. "There's a problem though, isn't there? They're VERY SOFT. Aren't they?" and her voice gets dangerous as she's talking. "That's not the kind of thing I usually use on my sock hands, is it?" she asks you. "Is that what I'm here for? To swaddle your cock? I don't think so! I don't think so at all!" She throws the socks in frustration at you. She's clearly upset with you. She pulls out the rough ones and puts them on. "I think we both know you're much happier under a pair of firm, rough sock hands, aren't you? There is a naughty fire in the Sock Fairy's eye and she's clearly extra firey for this entire sockjob. She can't believe that you tried to trick her. HOW did you get into her sock lair? Did you really think it would work? She gives you an extra rough time, and after how generous she's always been with you, this is definitely what you deserve. Some extra rough play on your dumb cock. You're lucky she allows you to cum as much as she does. What an extra naughty boy you sure have been! NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible in this.


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