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Boots The Puppy In: Home Alone

Boots the Puppygirl is sitting at home and knows that her owner is going out for the evening. She waits for it, and when she notices he's gone, she scampers off to go and get all of her toys. She brings them back in her mouth one at a time and seems to be delighted with herself until she notices a much bigger prize: Boots finds a boot that smells like her Master.. and she can't control herself. The perverted little puppygirl begins to first rub her giant tits all over the smooth, shiny leather of the boots and then starts licking the boot. Before long, the puppygirl is having quite a time with the boot.. She even gets on top and starts.. HUMPING the boot. It's a good thing her owner isn't home to see all of this. What would he say? After this playful puppy cums all over the boot, she licks it clean so she won't get in trouble. ...I think she does this a lot. NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible, and as this is a full nude clip Kitty's abdominal scars (which are substantial) are visible. Please do not purchase unless you are OK with scars and medical devices. Keywords: Petplay, pet play, puppy play, puppyplay, puppygirl, puppy girl, boot worship, boot licking, boot humping, boot fetish, leather fetish, leather kink, boot riding, tank boots, submissive, naughty submissive,


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