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She Won't Find Out

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You're hanging out by yourself in your room, winding down after a long night of partying with friends at the house. A girl stumbles into your bedroom looking for her friend who has her shirt. Seeing that you're all alone, she decides to give you some company. She sits on the bed, while you sit in a chair, keeping your distance so as to respect the current relationship you're in. This horny babe doesn't let your relationship get in the way of her little plans. She's been plotting sex with you since you two met bodies on the dance floor earlier. She can't help but eyeball the big bulge in your sweatpants & before you know it, you two are in bed while she sucks you better than your girlfriend EVER has. Sloppy, lots of eye contact, tight mouth squeezes & of course ball sucking to get that dick right. It doesn't end there... You're so horny, once you stick your dick inside her tight, wet cunt, you're hardly even thinking about your girlfriend. Don't worry about her, she'll never find out about us.


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