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duration 19:03
All my Kinks... video from Miss Ellie
All my Kinks... by Miss Ellie This video is like a portal to my sexual soul. It began as a custom, I played around with the new editor and made it into something pretty cool. I am really enjoying the quality of the 4k cam. It just so happened that all the requests for the custom were all of my kinks, so I decided to compile them into a hot video, and put some creative touches on it. Here's the script: I start by teasing you, slowly, touching my body and light stripping, playing with my tits. I start talking to you and telling you how to stroke your cock, and to synchronize it with my hand movements. Then, I whip out a dildo and tease you by talking about how good it would feel if my mouth was around your cock *sucks dildo* (you get the point). I finish stripping and play with my pussy while dirty talking and instructing you how to jerk off. Then, I bend over and take it in the ass and show you my gapes. Very very hot views of my ass being penetrated. We then have a little bit of pee to which I taste, riding a dildo and then a massssssive squirt. Best one I've caught on cam! Then I lay back and do ATM ATP ATM over and over. What a wonderful feeling going from ass to pussy like that! I get myself riled up enough that I spread my legs and fuck myself just how I like it. I cum for you (no squirt, just a wonderful orgasm) and then the video ends with a beautiful scene of my naked body sitting beside my lights. Fetishes/categories included: JOI, BJ, Anal, Doggy, Ass to Pussy, Ass to Mouth, Dirty Talk, Strip tease, Anal Gape, Squirt, Pee, Pulsating Pussy, Big Ass, Legs Spread, Spit
duration 79:19
Here Kitty Kitty: A Full Porno DVD! video from Kitty Stryker
Here Kitty Kitty: A Full Porno DVD! by Kitty Stryker Here is OVER AN HOUR of content! 4 scenes plus a masturbation sequence woven throughout and a soundtrack by Unwoman. Support me making more full length porn dvds by purchasing this one, my very first feature! With the goal of making a XXX feature without a plot, without a script, just hot fucking with sexy people, I think I've created something sure to please any fan of BBW porn.

I first team up with AVN’s two time BBW of the Year winner April Flores for some strap on fun, including a sloppy blowjob and some hard fucking. Then, the gorgeous Cinnamon Maxxine steps in for a lightly kinky scene, fingering me til I squirt. Slender blonde beauty Miss Quin scissors with me as well as enjoying some mutual pussyeating. The final scene is my VERY FIRST on screen boy/boy/girl threesome with tattooed stud Ruckus and real life partner Ned Would. The finale also shows not only bisexual hotness, but my first creampie, ending “Here Kitty Kitty” on an explosive note sure to please my fans!

Not sure if it's for you? Read the reviews!

Crevice Canyon: "There’s a lot of cute wigs, glitter and Hitachi usage. Oh and loads of hot queer UNSCRIPTED sex."


Sugarcunt: "Kitty Stryker is my porn aesthetic"


XCritic: "This film will definitely get you turned on a lot."

duration 26:51
Goth Girl's Barnyard Affair (Custom!) video from XMochaPuffx
Goth Girl's Barnyard Affair (Custom!) by XMochaPuffx My description (provided for clarity/context. Scroll down to read customer’s original scene description) A hot gothgirl has been dating a werewolf for several months now & has unfortunately discovered that her sex drive doesn’t quite aline with his. So, she decides to take a little break from it all & escape to the countryside where her friend stays. It’s not long after her arrival that she’s in bed with him, slurping up his heavy, hard cock. Mocha’s eager to finally have some human dick, except.. her friend ruins the excitement by cumming too quickly on her face. Mocha, frustrated and disappointed, takes her ass out into her friends barn..where a very special “old friend” is staying. This friend has fur, and quite a massive cock.. and gives Mocha just what she was craving for this whole weekend. In the end… another little furry friend makes a surprise visit.. and this little saga will be continued… The following is the original customer’s scene description; Taking place right after "Werewolf & Tentacle Friend Event" you've had enough of that horny Werewolf and decide to get dress and disappear so that he can't find you (get in your car with a bag and leave) (Werewolf howl because you left) and you drive to the country side where you meet an old friend. While having a (redacted) you say your craving a real dick and and you decide to give him head (to show why that wolf wouldn't leave you alone) you suck and slob on your friend for 4 minutes and he cums all on your face. Upset because he came so early you decide to go sleep in the barn to be alone. That's when you meet "Action Pack" award winning Racer and he is So big you can't keep your eyes off of him and you decide to just stroke him and give him head (its so big you look like your choking and he didnt cum yet). Turning you on you decide to play with your pussy and tempt him to come and mount you. Once in you face him in multiple different positions (totally up to you) but after that he leaves you with a big creampie and when he slides out of you all the cum just globbs outs of you. As you go to sleep you hear barking and you end with "Hey Rex" (KEEP CLOTHES ON you can show breast and have your HIGH BLACK SHINY HEELS. if you can put horse sounds in the background like before with the werewolf that would be great if not i completely understand)
duration 47:36
Insane Squirting Compilation 371 Squirts video from Nicki Young
Insane Squirting Compilation 371 Squirts by Nicki Young Looking for the ultimate squirting compilation? Well look no further! In this full length compilation you will see 38 videos and a whopping 371 squirts. This compilation includes every single squirt from every video on my profile. This compilation contains the following videos: 1. Squirting AFTER I'm CAUGHT Public Squirt 2. Squirting on your Cock Then Huge Facial 3. Squirting Teen Fights Fire With Squirt 4. Squirting 11 Times to Her Squirt Video 5. Almost Caught! Public Bathroom Squirting 6. Almost Caught! Teens Public Huge Squirt 7. PUBLIC bathroom Huge Squrt w/ BBC 8. Squirting Teen in Public Fitting Room 9. Teen Squirting 4x on Public Mirror 10. Teens Close-Ups Finger Fucking Squirt 11. Teens Lesbians Gaping Double Penetration 12. Custom: Teen Masturbates Waiting For You 13. Teens Huge Outdoor Public Squirt 14. Public Outdoor Teen Squirting On Porch 15. Teens Public Bathroom Huge Squirt 16. Public Teen Squirting Orgasms in an Uber 17. Teen Squirts in PUBLIC Tanning Bed 18. Teens First PUBLIC Bathroom Squirting 19. Almost Caught! Squirting in Public Uber 20. HD: Squirting 20 Times In Her Mouth 21. Teen Squirting 5x on her like a fountain 22. Squirting Hard 12x with Dildo & Vibrator 23. HD: Insane Squirting Self Facial 24.Struggling Teen Squirt Orgasm & Vibrator 25. Squirting Teen Reverse Cowgirl Fucking 26. Teen Squirting w/ huge power tool dildo 27. Teens body quivers w/ Electric Massager 28. Teen Squirts w/ first ever Cream Pie 29. Voyeur Cams: Spies on Teen Squirting 30. Teens Hitachi Squirt & licking my juices 31. Epic Squirting Explosion - 50+ Squirts 32. Squirting in Bowl, Cum Bath in My Squirt 33. Teen Squirting next to snoozing fiancé 34. Wet T-Shirt Dildo Suck, Fuck & Squirt 35. CAUGHT! Teen fucks BBC on PUBLIC Trail 36. Messy Squirting in Grey Leggings 37. Teens 1 HR Multiple Orgasm Challenge HD 38. 80 Squirt Record! CRAZY Facial Squirting

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