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Homewrecking Mechanic Creampie video from Slutty-Spice
Homewrecking Mechanic Creampie Your wife dropped the car off at the body shop and instead of waiting for her to pick it up, the mechanic decides to just bring it home for you. To her surprise it's not your wife that's home, but instead its you. At first things are going as normal she's just giving you the keys and telling you that the car is good to go, but then the topic shifts to your wife. Apparently she was not very pleasant when she was dropping off the car, and the mechanic is a little surprised to see how charming, polite and attractive you are in contrast to your bitchy wife. She starts sort of bad mouthing your wife a little and you can't help but agree. She starts to leave and you invite her to stay for a chat, partially just to be nice since your wife treated her so badly, but also admittedly because she is super hot. She resists a little at first, worried that you guys will get caught by your mean wife and it will end badly for her, but after some convincing and you explaining that your wife is at work and won't be home for hours, she agrees to stay and chat. Of course the chatting doesn't last long before things move on. She starts teasing you with her sexy panties and ends up pulling her tits out. She then asks you to start showing her some things too... so you oblige. She starts bad mouthing your wife again, saying she bets she is a prude and doesn't give you what you need, but she can. Before you know it you are on top of her fucking her hard right on the couch, your wife starts calling you but the mechanic tells you that you better ignore your lame wife and focus on her. You cum inside her and then you hear the front door. To your shock your wife came home early from work! You both start to panic and she comes up the stairs and immediately asks why the mechanic is there... the mechanic explains she was just dropping off the car and is now leaving, she bends over to pick up your tools and you cannot believe your eyes as TONS of cum starts visibly dripping out of her pussy right in front of your wife. You hope your wife hasn't seen it, but of course she has and she starts freaking out. The mechanic doesn't skip a beat and starts gaslighting your wife and calling her crazy. The mechanic leaves, and you are left with your furious wife. Good luck!!
Fitting Room Virginity Loss and Creampie With Cousin video from Slutty-Spice
Fitting Room Virginity Loss and Creampie With Cousin Your cousin asked you to go with her to the mall and help her pick out an outfit for the next family get together. To your surprise she asks you to come into the fitting room with her, you agree of course because you want to be helpful... and of course it helps because your cousin is super hot. She thanks you for helping her out and tells you that you better turn around while she's changing because she doesn't want you to see her naked obviously. Of course you're not going to turn around, you can't miss up a chance to see your hot cousin naked. Especially because you're a virgin and don't have many chances for things like this. She starts changing and you can't help but stare at her sexy ass and tits. She shows you each outfit, asking if it's too revealing for a family get together. Of course you tell her they aren't because you love when she wears slutty stuff. Finally she notices you are starting to get hard and she teases you about it. But it becomes a real issue and she says there is no way you guys can leave the fitting room with you having a huge boner like that. She will have to "take care" of it for you... You can't believe your ears when she says this, but she insists. She tells you to sit down and take your cock out, you oblige. She gets to work blowing you, giving you a short tit fuck and then riding you until you cum a huge load in her pussy. Just as you have both finished you are shocked to see a worker open the fitting room door! Your cousin apologizes profusely and lies to the worker saying that you guys are bf and gf and are on a date for your anniversary. She pleads with the worker for them to not call the cops. She gets off your cock with tons of your cum dripping from her pussy, puts her clothes back on and says you guys better hurry up and get out of there.
Obsessive Ex Gf Valentine Surprise video from Slutty-Spice
Obsessive Ex Gf Valentine Surprise You come home from work early on Valentine's Day and see a cute note signed "your secret admirer" on the kitchen table. The note instructs you that your gift is waiting for you upstairs... thinking that your girlfriend probably had the same idea as you and came home early from work to surprise you, you head upstairs to your bedroom. You are shocked when you see not your current girlfriend, but your crazy obsessive ex girlfriend sitting on your bed. "Surprise!" she says, and man you sure are surprised... mostly terrified but you can't deny that you have missed her a little... or at least just having sex with her. And damn does she look fantastic! She's wearing a leopard print jacket and when she reveals what's underneath you can't help but stare at her body and think about how it used to feel. She starts talking about how much better she is than your new prude gf, and you really try to resist her... but after a while you give in to temptation and let her have her way with you. She starts by giving you an insane BJ definitely better than what you've been getting lately... and then she lays on her back and slides your cock into her pussy thrusting back and forth until she says she wants to do doggystyle (another thing your current gf doesn't like) after she cums she finishes you off with more BJ and a huge facial. Includes: POV, goth, redhead, tattoos, bush, hairy, pussy, doggy, bj, facial, spit, sloppy, messy, dirty talk, light gf degradation, cock worship
Craigslist Roommate Long Lost Daughter video from Slutty-Spice
Craigslist Roommate Long Lost Daughter You posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a roommate and got many replies, but one girl stands out to you so you invite her over to chat about the room. She tells you she's in town looking for her bio dad because she's adopted and heard that possibly her dad lives in this state. She recently did some DNA testing to find out who her bio dad is and has to wait about a week for the results to come back. You are immediately drawn to her even though she is about half your age and you agree to let her be your roommate. She starts bringing in her stuff and at one point she loses her phone in your couch. She bends over to check between the cushions and you can't help but stare at her ass in her mini skirt. She catches you and proposes a different way for her to "pay" her rent. Of course you agree and the two of you make it to the bedroom. She says you can have sex as long as you wear a condom and she rides you until you both cum. Fast forward about a week later and the two of you have been fucking constantly. She comes home from the bar one night and her DNA results have come in early. She is shocked at what she sees and comes in to break the news to you. She starts by saying you should probably be sitting down for this. The DNA results are in and you are the father! You are both obviously shocked but she can't help but be a little turned on by this and to your surprise she asks you to come back to the bedroom right away. She tells you no condoms this time because she's on birth control and after all she doesn't need to use condoms with her own dad. After you creampie her once she admits that she's actually not on birth control and she plans to trap you by getting pregnant so you can't abandon her again. You are mad but she's so hot you don't even care and she makes you cum 3 more times with no condom. She's ovulating and really hoping you will knock her up so you can't leave her ever again!

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