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Craigslist Roommate Long Lost Daughter

You posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a roommate and got many replies, but one girl stands out to you so you invite her over to chat about the room. She tells you she's in town looking for her bio dad because she's adopted and heard that possibly her dad lives in this state. She recently did some DNA testing to find out who her bio dad is and has to wait about a week for the results to come back. You are immediately drawn to her even though she is about half your age and you agree to let her be your roommate. She starts bringing in her stuff and at one point she loses her phone in your couch. She bends over to check between the cushions and you can't help but stare at her ass in her mini skirt. She catches you and proposes a different way for her to "pay" her rent. Of course you agree and the two of you make it to the bedroom. She says you can have sex as long as you wear a condom and she rides you until you both cum. Fast forward about a week later and the two of you have been fucking constantly. She comes home from the bar one night and her DNA results have come in early. She is shocked at what she sees and comes in to break the news to you. She starts by saying you should probably be sitting down for this. The DNA results are in and you are the father! You are both obviously shocked but she can't help but be a little turned on by this and to your surprise she asks you to come back to the bedroom right away. She tells you no condoms this time because she's on birth control and after all she doesn't need to use condoms with her own dad. After you creampie her once she admits that she's actually not on birth control and she plans to trap you by getting pregnant so you can't abandon her again. You are mad but she's so hot you don't even care and she makes you cum 3 more times with no condom. She's ovulating and really hoping you will knock her up so you can't leave her ever again!


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