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duration 21:14
I Love Your Tiny Dick video from Adulting
I Love Your Tiny Dick by Adulting Sophie LOVES your tiny dick! And she makes sure you know it. For the first 5 minutes, gaze into Sophie's eyes as she looks back at you with intensity. Fixated on you. You have Sophie's full attention. She talks to you about your small dick, emphasizing how small it is and how much she loves it, saying phrases like: "I love your teeny tiny little dick.", "Your dick is so small!", "I love your small dick.", "I've never seen a dick that small before.", "I love your tiny dick", "Your teeny tiny dick fucks me just right.", "Your tiny dick is perfect." At the 5 minute mark, enjoy a closeup of Sophie's lovely tight pink pussy hole as she fucks herself with your tiny dick. She praises your small dick and tells you how much she loves it. At the 11 minute mark, Sophie becomes more quiet as she focuses on her pleasure, approaching orgasm. Listen to her authentic moans and heavy breath as she creams on your tiny dick at timestamp 14:30 and squirts on your tiny dick at 18:30. The dildo Sophie uses in this video measures 1” diameter, 4.8” insertable length and approx. 3” is inserted during most of the video. Timestamp minute markers: 0-5 Closeup face, eye contact, dirty talk 5-11 Closeup pussy fucking, dirty talk 11-21 Closeup pussy fucking, orgasms, authentic moans 14:30 Pussy Creaming 18:30 Pussy Squirting Channel Tags: Cervix, womb, uterus, reproduce, breed, pregnant, impregnate, breeding, cum, creampie, cream, cunt, closeup, close-up, 4k, dirty talk, eye contact, asmr, internal, endoscope, cinematic, professional, wedding, wedding night, honeymoon, newlywed, bride, wife, bred, raw, primal, horny, lustful, animalistic, intense, hard, ram, thrust, fuck, sex, missionary, POV, intimate, Internal, Extreme Close-ups, Magnified, Microscope, Endoscope, Dirty Talk, Moaning, Face, Eyes, Eye Contact, Smile, Giggle, 18, 19, 4k, POV, body, Adulting, Anatomy, Breeding, Clit, Creamy, Cute, Dildo Cam, Exploration, Face, Giants, Giantess, Gyno, Gynecologist, Internal, Labia, Lips, hymen, Magnification, Medical, Microscope, cream, creampie, moan, Squirt, Swollen, Talk, Tight, Tongue, Vagina, Pussy, ahegao, fuck, hard, loud, sex sounds, novel, unique, 360, tits, elf, fantasy, fairytail, Vore, Unbirth Other tags: Small Penis Encouragement, Small Penis Humiliation Creaming Pussy, Creamy, Dildo, Dirty Talk, Extreme Close-Ups, Eye Contact, Small Dick, Small Penis Worship, Squirting (Female Orgasm), Tiny Cock,
duration 42:53
Hurt Your freak Cock For Domina Dupree video from Abigail Dupree
Hurt Your freak Cock For Domina Dupree by Abigail Dupree Little Brother had specific orders not to masturbate without my permission. He thought that he could tell me that he broke the rules and, I dont know, get rewarded for his honesty??? I told him to gather some implements: A stick, rubber bands and some rope, and meet me in a Skype call. Dressed to tease I greet him with disappointment in my tone that quickly turns to degradation and hitting him where I know it hurts the most. Tearing him down physically with my words in preparation for the literal pain he will be feeling soon. I know that his weaknesses control him so in order to keep him on his knees we are going to play a little game. For each button on my dress to be undone you have to earn it by satisfying me with your pain. Start with the stick and cane your thighs like you mean it. Now put the rubber bands on your wrists and snap each one three times to see my panties. Smart ass remarks will get you more strikes from the cane with no reward. Now rubber bands on your ankles and snap until you beg for mercy. Now tie up your cock and balls real tight like a pork roast. As I slowly strip for you I want you to release the rope from your cock and balls... lets get that flowing and get you all worked up... it's too easy. Go ahead and stroke it as I pull my thong to the side and fuck my pussy just the way you like it you little freak... it's driving you crazy I can see and you're completely wrapped up in yourself and your desires that you forgot why you were here... oh you look like you're getting close. *gasp* NOPE! You do not get to cum you selfish little prick. Not on my watch. Tags: female domination, erotic goddess, orgasm denial, JOI, humiliation, small penis humiliation, masturbation instruction, CBT Instruction, CBT Instruction, Extreme Domination, Femdom POV, BDSM Instruction Cock Tease CBT Masturbation humiliation, sub training
duration 15:57
Slut Wife Cuckold Fantasy video from Fiona Dagger
Slut Wife Cuckold Fantasy by Fiona Dagger Fiona has been out clubbing with her girlfriends all night and when she gets home she's surprised to find that you're still awake! You must have been waiting for hours, but she's really tired from dancing so can she just go straight to bed? You're all horny though and you pester her, but she protests, saying she's too sleepy and sore from dancing. You keep bugging her and she gets more annoyed, eventually snapping and admitting that she doesn't want to have sex because she's ALREADY fucked someone tonight! She looks to see your reaction and is surprised when you don't seem angry! Are you not annoyed that your wife cheated on you? Gradually she realises that you're actually turned on by the thought of her with another guy, and though she can't help but laugh at how pathetic you are in comparison to the alpha hunk she had earlier, she starts to tease you and tell you all about her big night out and the monster cock she got to play with. She can't believe that you're so turned on by hearing your wife talk like this but decides to use it to her advantage - if this is what you're into then from now on you can be her little cuckold helper and find guys for her to fuck while you wait at home getting all frustrated! She makes you eat the cum out of her pussy so she won't get pregnant and tells you that maybe this will be a fun arrangement after all; she can do whatever she wants, fuck whoever she wants, and you just have to wait at home to hear all about it! This was originally filmed as a custom video

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