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Grumpy Bear Nail Polish and Lollipop Suck

Kitty is dressed in a Grumpy Bear suit and she's not grumpy.. Not really. But she does spent most of this clip teasing you with grumpy faces while she paints her finger nails to match her suit. While she paints her nails, she also sucks on a cock shaped lollipop in electric blue to match her suit. Your peeping seems to be the only thing in her way.. Sorta. She mostly ignores you, but also- teases you playfully while she eats her itsy bitsy little lollipop. No talking. NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible. You will like this clip if you like: Finger nail polishing, cute girls, grumpy bear, blue, lollipop licking, silent clips, very mild small penis humiliation, ignore fetish, finger nail painting, black lipstick, pale, scar fetish,


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