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Demonstrating Hypnotic Orgasms with Sexual Freedom Hypnotherapist Kaz Riley

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41:43 | Added 3 years ago

Amazing Sexual Freedom Hypnotherapist Kaz Riley needed a willing subject to help demonstrate the multitude of way hypnosis can facilitate orgasmic feelings- and Trix was more than willing to help.

This video is part of a series on Kaz's Youtube Channel 'Trancing in The Sheets', where she talks to other world class hypnotists and leading experts about hypnosis and sexual freedom. Trancing in the Sheets is an inclusive hypnosis show, with frank conversations about sex, sexuality, life, love and hypnosis.
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In this special 50th Episode of "Trancing in the sheets" Kaz hypnotises her Student Trix to experience different kinds of orgasm. There are orgasmic tidal waves, post hypnotic orgasm triggers, full body orgasms and even an orgasm felt only in the finger. Kaz takes you through the full process in real time from checking consent to emergence from hypnosis. The hypnotic orgasm is usually known for its appearance in hypnosis stage shows, but in this episode Kaz demonstrates that it also has a place a great value in the therapeutic setting, when its done with the mind body connection and the empowerment of the subject as a priority. Watch out for annotations of why Kaz is doing what she's doing and the wonderful orgasmic effects that has on her subject Trix.

Hypnotist of the year 2019, Kaz Riley is an award winning, leading international hypnotist, hypnotherapist and hypnosis trainer. She is recognised as leading expert in the fields of Sexual freedom, sexual dysfunction and kink friendly hypnotherapy, she has an excellent international reputation for both her work with clients and her specialist training and mentoring programmes for hypnotherapists. Kaz is the founder and creator of Sexual freedom hypnosis, which is now taught across the world. https://sexualfreedomhypnosis.com and Https://Kazriley.com

We're about to film a double-bill of resistance play with Sinister and Imaginatrix, so it's time to talk about what we want to do. Even more important given how intense the shoot got!

Models: Sinister, Imaginatrix

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Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister.
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