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Big Sis Takes Your Virginity video from Fiona Dagger
Big Sis Takes Your Virginity by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and is NON EXPLICIT - there are no toys used, I do get naked but all sex acts are simulated off screen) You're minding your own business one day in your room when you big sister barges in and starts complaining about all the chores she has to do. She tries to convince you to help her out and do some of them but you refuse, so she attempts to bargain. She thinks for a moment and then slyly suggests that she could help you out with handjobs in exchange for chores - she knows how frustrated and horny boys your age are, you must be dying for relief. You say no way, siblings aren't supposed to do stuff like that, it would be too weird! But she's not giving up so easily, and says fine, if a handjob isn't enough, how about a blowjob? You're unsure but you've been wondering what it would be like to get your cock sucked for a while now, and you're too horny to resist. So you nervously agree, and your sister excitedly tells you she'll give you your first one now so you know she's not tricking you, and then you can do the dishes for her afterwards! She kneels down to suck your cock and it doesn't take much time before you shoot your load in her mouth! She laughs and shows off how much cum you've deposited onto her tongue before swallowing it down and reminding you to get on with the dishes! The next day, you find your sister watching a show and shyly ask her if she'd want to exchange another chore for a blowjob... She looks pleased but says she has a better idea - if you do all of her chores this afternoon before mum and dad get home, she'll let you fuck her. In fact, she'll be your sex slave for 2 whole weeks - you can use her mouth or her pussy whenever you want, even if she's napping, and you can cum in her pussy too! You can't resist such a great offer and although you're nervous to lose your virginity to your sister you say yes please, and ask if you can get started right now in the bedroom. She strips off and jumps into bed, shyly getting beneath the covers and telling you to get your clothes off and get in with her. You climb on top of her and grind your dick against her stomach for a bit before she warns you to stick it in before you end up cumming! You slide inside her and to her amusement it only takes 3 or 4 strokes before you fill her pussy with cum! She laughs but tells you not to worry about it, it was your first time after all, and you've got a whole two weeks to enjoy her. In fact, as you seem to be getting hard again straight away, would you like to try again now? You say yes and she rolls onto her side so she can go on her phone while you fuck her again, chatting to you about what's for dinner later and whether you like cumming inside her. You last a bit longer this time before you cum, and she cups her pussy to hold your spunk in before running to the bathroom to empty it out! A few days later she's hanging out in her underwear and you ask if you can cum in her pussy again - she says yes, of course, and quickly pulls her panties to the side to let you fuck her. This time you last even longer and she moans as you fuck her and tells you about how much she enjoys having guys cum inside her and the feel of it in her pussy. After you cum she reminds you to finish all her chores and to make sure your homework is done too!

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