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2020 Costume Contest
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Sis Helps You Get Experience video from
Sis Helps You Get Experience (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Luke is used throughout) You're hanging out with your big sister and have something you want to talk to her about, but you feel nervous... She tells you whatever it is she won't make fun of you, you can tell her anything! You work up the courage to tell her that you hooked up with another guy at school today for the first time... She's very excited and supportive of you, and asks if this means you think you're gay? You tell her no, you're bisexual, you fancy girls as well, it's just that you haven't had the chance to get any experience with them. You tell your sister how you feel awkward around girls and unsure of what to do with them, but you feel like you need to do stuff with them so you know for sure that you're a proper bisexual. Your sister offers to help you out - if you're scared of doing stuff with girls, she can get you used to that! You're not sure, it seems a bit weird doing that stuff with your sister, but she reassures you that it's fine, she just wants to help. She says that first she needs to test your stamina, and makes you get your cock out and start wanking it. You're feeling embarrassed though and having trouble getting hard, so she gets her tits out for you to look at, and that helps a bit. You stroke your cock while your sister encourages you, but she can tell you're still feeling a little awkward, so she offers to touch herself as well so it's more fair. You both masturbate together as she tells you she'll be in charge of educating you about girls from now on, and she doesn't let you cum until she's ready to cum too!
GF Gives You A Makeover video from
GF Gives You A Makeover (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You're experimenting with your girlfriend's makeup, believing she's safely out of the house, when to your shock she walks in and catches you! You try to explain away what you're doing but she can see that you've got makeup all over your face, and you reluctantly admit that you've been applying it to yourself. Your girlfriend is surprised, she had no idea that this was something you wanted to explore, but she reassures you that it's fine! She's not mad at all, in fact she's always quite liked guys in makeup! She offers to do your makeup for you, as you've made a bit of a mess doing it. You shyly agree and she leans over you to remove the makeup you've applied, telling you she's sorry if she alarmed you and that she's actually happy that you can do this together. She takes her time slowly applying a full face of makeup to your face, and as she's brushing contour onto your cheeks she notices that you have an erection! You're embarrassed but she tells you that she's turned on too, and says that you should stroke your cock while she's doing your makeup. She gently encourages you to stoke as she makes you over, complimenting you lots and talking about how hot you look and how turned on she's getting. When your face is done she suggests that you try on some of her lingerie, and she picks out severl possibilities before you settle on a red lacy set. You try it on and can see that she's really into it - she makes you twirl and pose for her, telling you how pretty and sexy you look. She notices that your shade of lipstick matches the dress she's wearing perfectly and insists that you try it on, stripping it off herself and handing it to you to wear, before putting a different dress on herself. She makes you pose for her again and tells you you look amazing, then suggests that you take your first steps outside all dressed up and go for a walk with her...
Jack It For Your Step Sis video from
Jack It For Your Step Sis (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Jordan is used throughout) You're jacking off in your room when you're interrupted by your step sister, Fiona! You're embarrased and shy but she apologises for bursting in on you and assures you that you shouldn't feel awkward at all, it's a totally normal thing to do! She says she's actually surprised that it's taken this long for her to catch a glimpse of your dick, after you've been living together for years! And it looks like a really nice dick too... You're shocked that she would say such a thing but she tells you it's fine, you're only step siblings, and she can't help that she's aware of how attractive you are. She tells you she feels bad for interrupting you, she'd love it if you would carry on... She actually loves watching guys jack it, and she'd really like to see you do it! You feel too shy so she offers to make it more fair - why doesn't she strip off and touch herself too, that way it's more equal? You nervously agree after she teases you with her perky little tits - you're worried that this is wrong but you can't help it, you've always secretly found your step sister hot, and she seems so horny and ready... Fiona gets naked and plays with her pussy as she makes you jack it for her, telling you filthy things about how she's imagining that you guys are fucking... She says she wants to cum at the same time so it's as if you're having sex, and that she's imagining you cumming deep in her pussy! This sends you over the edge and you can't hold it in any longer, so you spurt everywhere as your step sister moans and writhes in front of you!
Sis Wants To See You Cum video from
Sis Wants To See You Cum (This was originaly filmed as a custom video and the name James is used throughout) You're hanging out in the living room with your parents and sister, but you're finding it hard to concentrate on the tv - from where you're sitting, you can clearly see that your sister isn't wearing any panties under her skirt! She catches you looking and begins to mischieviously tease you, opening her legs wider to give you a better view, whilst chatting with your mum about what they'll be doing this weekend, and then poking fun at you for being lonely and not having a girlfriend. Eventually she says she's going upstairs to play a pc game and guestures for you to follow her... Upstairs, she sits down on your bed and pats the covers, telling you to sit and chat with her. She asks if you enjoyed the view downstairs, and laughs it off when you try and pretend you don't know what she means. She spreads her legs again to flash her pussy at you, asking does this jog your memory? You're embarrassed and flustered but she seems to change her mood and apologises for teasing you. She admits that she's also been having a hard time being shut up in the house with mum and dad; she's been really horny and frustrated, and she bets you've been feeling the same. So she offers to help you out a little... At first you suspect she's pranking you, but she eventually convinces you that she's sincere, and she wants to help you work out some frustration. She saw you staring at her pussy under her skirt, so how about a better look? She strips off and lets you admire her naked body, teasing you playfully and demanding that you get your cock out so that she can see. She makes you stroke it for her, admitting it makes her pussy super wet to see you touching yourself, and eventually tells you she really wants to watch from up close as your cock spurts!!
Make Me A Bimbo video from
Make Me A Bimbo (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the names Mr Astor and Ray are used throughout) Fiona arrives home from the office to discover a package has been delivered to her house with a note saying that it's from Mr Astor, the wedding planner for her best friend's wedding, and contains her dress and shoes for the wedding day. Fiona opens the package to find a very short and revealing red dress and a pair of sexy, ultra high heels. She's confused and unimpressed - this definitely isn't her sort of outfit! She's a serious career woman, she rarely wears dresses at all, and certainly not bright red mini dresses. Fiona decides she might as well try the outfit on, this is for her best friend's wedding after all - she doesn't want to cause a fuss, and maybe it will look better once it's on. So she strips out of her work clothes and puts the dress and shoes on, looking at herself in the mirror and frowning as she doesn't like what she sees. Then just as she's lamenting having to turn up dressed like a slut to her friend's wedding, she feels sharp pin pricks in her neck and her feet. Suddenly a warm glow rushes over her and her expression changes to one of surprise and delight! She begins to look differently at herself in the mirror, running her hands over her body and murmurming the name of the wedding planner. Fiona then feels the urge to change her hair and makeup to better match her outfit; she removes her glasses and puts her hair up into an ultra high pony tail, then takes her time applying bold, sexy makeup to her face, and putting in huge gold hoop earrings. Satisfied, and growing more aroused by the second, she quickly peels off her panties, leaving the dress and heels, and begins to masturbate desperately, glowing with happiness. She uses her hands at first then grabs different toys from around the room, cumming again and again as she ditzily fucks herself and moans the wedding planner's name. Eventually she's sated enough to stop masturbating for a while, and she looks again in the bottom of the package to discover another note from the wedding planner.. She reads it and an expression of excitement crosses her face - it says that this is just the first of many outfits Mr Astor has picked out for her, and she should expect the next one to arrive soon!
Your Sister Wants To Get Married video from
Your Sister Wants To Get Married (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Andrew is used throughout) You and your sister have met up to celebrate the strange coincidence that you've both gotten divorces in the same month! Your sister admits there was something that pushed her towards getting a divorce but says it's embarrassing to admit, and asks you to first say your reasons for getting your own divorce. To her surprise, you tell her that it was kind of her fault...! She asks what you mean and you shyly hint that your relationship failed with your wife because she could never measure up to your sister. Your sister's face lights up when she hears this but she's nervous that you're pranking her, and she asks several times to be sure she understands what you mean. When she realises you have feelings for her she's ecstatic and admits she's always felt that way about you, but didn't know her feelings were returned! She tells you how much she loves you and how excited she is now that you're both free to live your lives together, finally. She strips off her dress and lingerie, talking lovingly to you about your future together, and suggesting that you even move somewhere new together and get married! You begin to fuck her gently in missionary as she talks about how much she can't wait to be married, getting faster and more intense as she begins to beg you to cum in her and give her a baby! You flip her over and start pounding her pussy in doggy as she moans and begs for you to impregnate her, until she cums hard whilst asking you again and again to marry her!
Big Sis Edging Challenge video from
Big Sis Edging Challenge This was originally filmed as a custom video) A while back you discovered that your big sister is a camgirl when you stumbled across her videos online! You've been secretly perving on her for months now, watching her on cam, buying her videos, and even getting customs from her! You open this video expecting it to be the custom you ordered, but to your shock your sister greets you and informs you that she knows who you are - you used the same email address to buy videos that you use to email your mum, and your sister saw the email address on your mum's phone and recognised it! You're panicking as your sister tells you off for being such a pervert, but admits that she can't exactly tell your parents what you've been up to, as then they'd find out about her camming. So she suggests that you both keep each other's secret, and she even has an idea for a bargain that will give you both something enjoyable. She's been having trouble finding someone to have casual fun with - all the guys she fucks seem to get immediately attached and needy, and want to be her boyfriend. She wants someone who she can occasionally fuck without them getting all possessive. And since it seems you have an interest in her, why not you? The thing is though, she has her doubts that you'd be very good in bed. She knows that guys your age tend to cum really quickly, and she doesn't want to waste her time with you if you're just going to get too excited and blow your load instantly. So, she's come up with a test. If you can get the whole way through this video she's made you without cumming, she'll let you fuck her the next time you come home from school. You have to stroke your cock the whole way through the video, and film yourself doing it so she can make sure you're doing it properly. And if you fail and you cum before the video is over - you have to cum into your own hand, and lick it up! Then you can try again to do the challenge, but not until after 2 days. She wants to make sure you can give her a huge load, so you're not allowed to cum 2 days in a row. On the days inbetween attempting the challenge, she wants you to watch all the videos you've bought from her and edge yourself for at least an hour, but no cumming. Then you can re-attempt the edging challenge! She can't wait to see how many times you fail and have to eat your own cum for her.. Once you've managed to last a full 30 minutes, with her teasing and ecnouraging you, giving you JOI and showing off her body, then she'll know you're ready to finally lose your virginity... to your big sister!
Cucking Your Wife With Her Friend video from
Cucking Your Wife With Her Friend (This was originally filmed as a custom video) It's your birthday and your wife has arranged a surprise for you - her hot friend Fiona, who you've been fantasising about for ages, is going to give you a birthday striptease! Fiona says that her and your wife have both known that you have a crush on her, so for a special treat today she'll strip off and give you a little show. You're a bit uncomfortable that your wife is going to stay in the room with you, but they both insist it's fine! Fiona starts to slowly peel her clothing off, teasing you about your crush on her, until when she's fully naked she can't help but notice the bulge in your pants. She's shocked by how huge it is! She asks your wife why didn't she warn Fiona that you have such a big cock, and seems mesmerized by it... She thinks for a minute, then suggests that you take this birthday treat one little step further - since you're clearly rock hard and must be frustrated, why don't you stroke it now for her and she'll watch and give you a show? Your wife is unsure about this, she thinks things are going to far, but Fiona shushes her and says it's fine, it's not like you'll be touching her. When you get your cock out to stroke it she's delighted, exclaming over the size and how hard it is, and getting clearly flustered and horny, unable to stop herself touching her pussy. She rubs her clit and asshole as she watches you jack it, saying she bets it would feel amazing inside her... After a while she can't help it and gets on her knees to touch it, ignoring your wife's protesting! She asks you if you want her to stroke it and you say yes, trying not to think about your wife sitting just behind you. Fiona strokes and jacks your cock, clearly wanting to suck it but trying to resist... But when she sees a bead of precum forming at the head she can't help it, and takes you into her mouth! Your wife tries to say this is going way too far but you both ignore her, caught up in how amazing it feels. As Fiona takes you deep into her mouth she notices that your wife has started to touch herself and laughs, teasing her about how she's enjoying seeing her husband with a younger, hotter woman. Your wife is frustrated but can't stop touching herself, getting wetter and wetter as Fiona goes to town on your cock. When Fiona suggests you go even further and fuck her your wife tries to protest again but you can tell she's conflicted, and Fiona gets up on top of you to ride your cock, amazed by how big it feels inside her and berating your wife for not pleasing her husband enough. She talks down to your wife as she bounces up and down on your thick cock, asking you if her pussy feels better than your wife's and laughing at her when you admit that it does. Your poor wife is frantically fingering her dripping pussy as she watches you flip Fiona over and begin pounding her, making her cum hard on your dick. Then Fiona asks if you want to fuck her ass now, since she's sure your wife never lets you near that hole! You slide your cock into Fiona's tight asshole as your wife looks on, soon filling her ass with a huge load. But Fiona wants more and asks if you can go again, and you fuck her ass in missionary while she laughs at your wife touching herself in the corner. Fiona then says she wants you to cum in her pussy this time - she thinks it would be really hot for you to breed her fertile young pussy in front of your wife! You pump 2 more loads of cum into her tight pussy as your wife watches, then Fiona promises your wife that she'll let her watch the next time you fuck Fiona, since she seemed to enjoy it so much seeing her husband with a real woman!
Cousin Can't Resist Your Cock video from
Cousin Can't Resist Your Cock (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Jeremiah is used) You and your cousin are living together and it's been pretty sweet - the sexual tension has been gradually ramping up between you, and you often hang out together and watch porn, getting horny together and then kicking your cousin out so you can make yourself cum. But recently your cousin has been getting bolder and bolder, peeking into the room when you're stroking and watching you for a bit, and even joking that maybe she could stay and watch you properly! You don't know how serious she is until one day she walks into your room in just a t-shirt and nothing else, and asks if you feel like stroking it for her. You can tell she's already incredibly horny, and it doesn't take long before she's touching her pussy as she watches you jack it. You ask her if she'd give you something to look at, so she cheekily flashes her ass at you before removing her shirt completely! After a while she can't bear it any longer and asks if you'd be willing to go further with her... Of course you say yes, and your cousin bends over to let you lick her pussy while she sucks your cock, talking about how long she's wanted to do this with you! She then shyly says she wants to go the whole way, and asks if she can get on top to ride your cock...? Soon she's bouncing on your dick, moaning about how amazing and big it feels, and then begging you to fuck her in doggystyle so you can pound her hard and fill her with cum!

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Naughty & posh English rose ~See more of me at onlyfans.com/TabooFiona for Brother/Sister taboo roleplay content - & follow me on Twitter @FionaDagger ! I also sell worn panties and am available for custom videos and one-on-one skype shows - message me if you're interested! :)

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Age 30
Height 5'7"
Weight 130 lbs
Bra Size 34B
Body Type Slender
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Auburn

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