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The Sock Fairy Ties You Down video from Red Vinyl Kitty
The Sock Fairy Ties You Down by Red Vinyl Kitty You've summoned the Sock Fairy again and she's right back in front of you! Your poor, dumb dick has been bothering you, and the Sock Fairy knows what you need. She puts on her rough punishing socks and asks you if you want her to hurt your cock for you. She says she loves hurting your cock for you and that she brought her favorite punishing socks for you. You agree that you DO want her to hurt your dick and as she slides your dick between her thighs you decide you'll do whatever she says. She has you completely under her spell. She asks if you can be really good this time for her and you can't help but agree. She tells you that she's done a special enchantment to her socks this time, and that her socks are almost alive! They have a mind of their own now, and they'll keep rubbing even when you're done cumming. Your poor cock is going to be so sore, red and RAW when she and her socks are done with you! After you cum the first time, the Sock Fairy notices that you were WAY TOO SQUIRMY for her liking and she casts a spell on your cock that ties it up in rope! Now you won't be able to squirm away for the rest of the session. You're such a good boy taking this hard dick squeezing, rubbing and reddening! You get to cum three times in this clip and by the end of it, your poor dick and pee hole are wrecked, raw and completely sore from all the constant rubbing with those rough insatiable socks! Your dick sure is dumb if it keeps causing all this trouble, but you also know... It will probably keep causing more because you just can't stay away from the Sock Fairy! NOTE: Kitty's port and feeding tube are visible in this.

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