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duration 20:03
Summer Day Bought and Fucked video from Jason King
Summer Day Bought and Fucked by Jason King There are a ton of videos depicting girls being taken and then prepared to be sold as sex slaves. For some reason you never see the second part where some lucky, rich bastard buys one of those sex slaves, takes her home, and has some fun with her. This movie series does just that. This installment consists of some very hot scenes starring the sexy Summer Day. Instead of scripting videos in this Bought and Fucked series I prefer to role play the scenario out with the models live. It let's each girl react in a way that feels the most natural to her. In this video, Summer decided to role play as if the dungeon where she was trained was a living hell where the girls were subjected to unspeakable horrors daily. As a result, she role plays as if she's genuinely ecstatic to have finally been bought and, essentially, rescued from that place. When you combine that with Summer being one of the best actresses I've ever worked with, you get an incredibly hot performance. Summer is very happy and grateful to be starting her new life as my sex slave. Her only desire seems to be pleasing her new master and making sure he has no reason to ever get rid of her, lest she end up back in the dungeon. Her eyes light up when she sees that she'll now have a big, fluffy bed to rest in instead of being chained up on a cold concrete floor. She gets a huge smile when she realizes she'll be fed three times a day and only has to have sex with one man for the rest of her life. Summer pours her heart into giving her new master the best blowjob she can. She makes sure to make plenty of sexy eye contact and smiles seductively as she's allowed the opportunity to please her master with her oral skills. He doesn't want to waste his load coming from a blowjob, so after a few minutes he stands her up, plays with her body a little, then bends her over the bed and starts fucking her. Summer's master eventually moves her onto the bed so he can climb on top of his new sex slave to fuck her. She can't hide her delight when she's laid back on a mound of soft pillows to be fucked by her owner. Her hands are still cuffed behind her back, but this is so much better than what she's used to that she can barely believe it's real. Her emotions show through very clearly. She is experiencing profound joy and relief to be a slave to a man who's treating her so well, but she is still a little tense from the hell she just endured. Her tension fades even more when her master starts fucking her. She's feeling the dick she'll be fucking for the rest of her life inside her and she absolutely loves it. After fucking for a while Summer's master decides to uncuff her hands from behind her back because he doesn't want her to be too uncomfortable. She gets so delighted when he tells her that she almost cums. He recuffs her hands in front and padlocks the handuff chain to a D-ring on the back of her permanently locked on slave collar. This keeps her hands nicely out of the way, but lets Summer lay on her back so she can really enjoy her fucking without having to lay on her hands. Her owner then climbs on top of her and fucks her good before blowing his load on her stomach. It looks like this lucky guy picked the right slave to buy. Summer is going to make her new owner very happy and she'll be grateful for every minute of it.
duration 11:40
Lucy West's Kinky First Date video from Jason King
Lucy West's Kinky First Date by Jason King Lucy is on a first date with a guy she met on an online dating site. She goes back to his place to watch TV. He keeps trying to cuddle up to her and put his arm around her, but she keeps shooting him down cold. Apparently Lucy is a prude who doesn't want to do ANYTHING other than watch TV on their date. Lucy's date gets fed up with her prudishness and decides to take matters into his own hands. He goes and gets a few lengths of rope from the other room. While Lucy is busy channel surfing, he grabs her arms and ties them behind her back. Lucy objects very much, telling him to stop repeatedly and asking if he knows what the word no means. He doesn't seem to care and keeps tying Lucy up. He then pulls up her shirt so he can get access to her big tits, ignoring her repeated demands that he stop. Lucy soon finds herself fully nude and tied down to the man's bed. Her ankles are locked in leather cuffs which are secured to a metal frame he keeps set up above his bed. A ballgag planted deep in Lucy's mouth finally stops her annoying protests. The man plays with her a bit, rubbing his cock all over Lucy's big tits. He eventually gets into position between his helpless sex slave's legs and fucks her senseless. Lucy remains in bondage for quite some time while her captor fucks her. He eventually releases her ankles from their cuffs so he can lift her legs higher and fuck her some more. He finishes by blowing a huge load all over Lucy's body. She does not seem to like having hot cum shot all over her as she writhes and squirms even more aggressively as she's covered in his hot load.
duration 13:47
Daughter Has No Choice video from Jason King
Daughter Has No Choice by Jason King This video starts with my step-daughter (played by hot babe Raquel Roper) sitting on the her ass doing nothing. I complain that she's 19 years old and still living at home and say she needs to start looking for her own place or paying rent. She complains that she doesn't have a job and can't afford to do either. I know this little slut has been "paying" for for some time now, and since we're not really related and her step-mother isn't around anymore I suggest that she start "paying" rent some other way. She gets grossed out and tells me off before storming out of the room. The next night I walk in on Raquel as she's getting ready for bed. She starts to freak out at me seeing her in her panties and covers herself up, but I tell her I want to talk to her about what happened yesterday. She initially thinks I want to apologize, but I have other plans. I push Raquel onto her bed and pin her down. I start kissing her and burying my face in her large breasts while telling her that I won't tolerate her talking back to me and that if I say she's going to pay rent, then she's going to pay rent. I now have Raquel stripped completely naked with her wrists locked in leather cuffs and padlocked to a leather restraint belt around her waist. Her cuffs are also locked to chains which are locked around the bed legs keeping her in place. To keep her tight pussy accessible I have her ankles locked in leather cuffs and locked to leather cuffs on her upper thighs, keeping her legs tightly bent. She whimpers "No Step-Daddy" as I start fucking her on her own bed, but I've lived with this girl long enough to know that she's a huge slut. Once I get her over this idiotic idea that we shouldn't fuck just because I was married to her step-mother for three months six years ago she'll be happy to be getting dicked down. After a few minutes of intense fucking she's still crying "No Step-Daddy". This isn't good. I know I can't finish until I bring her around or else she might do something bitchy like call the cops on me once I untie her. I start thrusting her more slowly and playing with her tits trying to get her aroused enough to get over herself and start enjoying the sex. I don't have much luck until I pull her hair and hear her whimpers start to give way to a quick moan of ecstasy. Having finally found her trigger, I yank her hair back hard and start fucking her as hard as I can at the same time. Her cries finally change from "No Step-Daddy" to "Yes Step-Daddy". As I spend the next 5-6 minutes fucking my nineteen year old step-daughter hard she comes around completely, I ask her if she likes being step-daddy's little slut and she cries "yes". Once I finally blow my hot load all over her she agrees to keep paying rent weekly. Not that she has a choice.
duration 11:58
Michelle Peter's Full Sex Slave Experience video from Jason King
Michelle Peter's Full Sex Slave Experience by Jason King Michelle Peters is no stranger to bondage. She has done plenty of bondage modelling and has even appeared on this store before. With this in mind I decided the only way to "push" her was to give her a full slave experience. When Michelle arrived at my place I was already wearing a mask and hoodie to help her get into the right mindset. As soon as she was in the door I stripped her naked and chained her hands to a spreader bar attached to the front door. I then played with her, kissed her all over, and made her make out with me as a warmup. I untied Michelle and moved her to my futon. This was the last time Michelle would be free today as I chained her up very tightly and kept her bound for the rest of her day. I left Michelle sitting on the futon with her arms locked in a crossed position behind her back, her legs locked together, a ballgag planted deep in her mouth, and a collar around her neck chained to her legs keeping her bent over while I played with her tight body some more. I then removed her gag and had this bound beauty suck my dick unitl it was nice and hard. Lastly I moved Michelle over to my bed and locked her ankles in leather cuffs chained to the bed, her arms still chained securely behind her back. I was laying underneath her in the perfect position to fuck my pretty little plaything. Since this position didn't leave me with an option to come on Michelle's pretty little body, I chose to blow my load deep inside her ending her experience with a bang.
duration 16:24
No Hope for Hope Harper video from Jason King
No Hope for Hope Harper by Jason King Hope Harper is naked, tied down to a bed spread eagle, and blindfolded. She hears me walk into the room and, unable to see who it is, starts frantically asking me for help. She tells me that her girlfriend got into a fight with her while they were getting kinky and decided to storm out and leave her like that. She doesn't know how long she's been stuck in this position and keeps begging me to help her. I try to untie her hands but the knots are too tight. Just as I'm about to look for something to cut the ropes with Hope starts freaking out on me. Apparently I happened to touch her wrists and arms a little too much while I was trying to untie her and she thinks I was trying to feel her up. I assure her that I'm only trying to help, but she won't stop freaking out on me saying I'm a pervert who was trying to feel her up. Pissed off, I give her nice tits a firm grope and leave the room so the bitch can find someone else to help her. After a few minutes I calm down and come back to help her. When she hears me enter she thinks it's her girlfriend returning at first, but I tell her it's me and that I decided to come back and help her after all. She is still being a bitch and tells me she's going to call the police and press charges against me once she gets out. Since Hope is still blindfolded and has no idea who I am I decide once again not to help her. Furthermore, since this hot little bitch is blaming me for being a pervert anyway I decide to have some real fun with her. I feel up Hope's firm body really good before climbing on top of her and giving her a good long fucking. After a while I cut Hope's legs free so I can lift them up and fuck her even harder. As she's getting pounded Hope keeps pleading with me to stop and telling me that she only likes girls. I tell her I think a good pounding will convince her that a real dick is better than her girlfriends strap-on any day. Despite being extremely wet and obviously enjoying the sex on some level, she keeps pleading with me to stop and let her go. Eventually I tell her that I've been napping with her girlfriend and that the two of us planned this as a way to get Hope to try some cock and hopefully get her to join us in our relationship. Hope is shocked, but believes this as it's something she can see her girlfriend doing. Now that she knows this she finally admits that she's been having the best time of her life and that she loves getting dicked down, but didn't want to admit it when she thought I was some stranger taking advantage of her. Hope gets pretty crazy with her sex talk and really gets into being fucked for the next few minutes saying some really crazy and nasty . Hope goes crazy again and starts demanding that I stop touching her and let her go when I tell her that I don't even know her girlfriend and made that story up. After a few more minutes of having my way with Hope's tight body I tell her that I might have been lying the second time and that she won't know for sure until later. She gets pretty confused as she is overcome with both the ecstasy of having her first good fuck as well as anger at me. Once she comes nice and good I think I've won her over and blow my load all over her body in return. Just to be safe, I leave Hope tied up and give her a pair of scissors so she can cut herself free giving me time to get out of there in case she decides to call the cops after all. Apparently she liked dick as much as I hoped because we cut to a scene three weeks later were Hope and I are in bed together. Hope if letting me tie her hands together with rope so she can give me a kinky blowjob. She sucking my cock briefly and smiles, saying this reminds her of hoe we met. She then goes back down on me for the rest of the video.
duration 20:20
Michell's DSL video from Jason King
Michell's DSL by Jason King Michelle Peters is going door to door trying to sell people DSL. She gets to my house and starts asking me what type of internet I have. I invite her in and grab her from behind. I drag her into the other room where I chain her up tightly. I have Michelle laying on the ground with her hands and feet locked together in leather cuffs. She has another leather cuff locking her upper legs together. A collar is secured around her neck and locked to one of of a spreader bar which runs through her upper leg cuff and is locked to her ankles cuffs at the other end. This keeps Michelle completely immobile so I can play with her. Finally a ball gag planted in her mouth keeps me from hearing any more of her annoying sales pitches. I leave her alone to struggle briefly before coming in to play with my new toy Michelle. I grope her body all over while talking to her about all the fun we're going to have. She can't move at all to fend me off, but her constant whimpering through her gag whenever I mention all the sex we're going to have is getting annoying. This girl really doesn't want to get laid. I finally have enough of her whining and offer her a deal. She wanted me to try her dsl, well she can put her dick-sucking-lips to work and suck me off if she doesn't want to get fucked. She objects at first, but when I start removing her pants so I can stick it in she finally agrees to blow me. Michelle then finds herself kneeling on the floor with her hands and feet still locked in leather cuffs only this time with short chains between them giving her some freedom of movement so she can do her job on my cock. Michelle really works at this blowjob for a long time before making me pop. I capture quite a few nice camera angles of Michelle as she's hard at work licking and sucking. As time goes by I start reminding her of our deal, she needs to suck me off if she doesn't want to get taken into the other room and chained down to my bed for some fun. She really doesn't want that and redoubles her efforts to make me pop while begging my dick to cum for her. When I'm finally ready I stand up and grab Michelle by the hair so I can hold her head firmly against my body while I cum deep in her mouth. She struggles against this but it's too late, by the time she reacts I've blown my load deep into her mouth.
duration 16:06
Shae Celestine Handcuffed and Fucked video from Jason King
Shae Celestine Handcuffed and Fucked by Jason King Shae is on vacation when she breaks a wheel on her heavy suitcase and has trouble getting it to her hotel room. A nice man comes along and offers to carry it for her. When they get to her room he notices the wheel can be fixed easily so he throws her suitcase onto the bed and opens it up to get to the base of the wheel. He spots a bag of cocaine in Shae's suitcase and asks her if she knows it's there. "I'm on vaction" she replies thinking nothing of it. When the man pulls a pair of handcuffs out of his suitcase and tells her she's under arrest she quickly realizes her bad luck, the man happened to be a police officer. Shae is initially very indignant about the whole thing. She protests saying that he never had permission to look in her bag, this is entrapment, etc. When the officer goes to open her bag back up she panics and asks what he's doing. He tells her he's required to see what else is in the bag. Whatever she has in there must be pretty bad because her demeanor changes completely. She presses her body up against his as tightly as she can and starts pleading with him to work something out. She says she'll do anything. He's heard this before and tells her that a little flirting isn't going to get her out of going to jail. Shae begs the officer, saying that she isn't just flirting and that she'll do anything, absolutely anything, to get out of this. He doesn't seem to believe her but she's so sexually aggressive as she thrusts her body into his, pushing him onto the bed, and rubbing herself tightly against his cock as she presses her face sensually against his. It becomes clear that this hot 19yo isn't bluffing. The officer starts to give in and fondles her cute breasts as she sits on his lap still rubbing her body against his dick. The cop stands her up, removes her pants and underwear, and bends her over the bed so her can fuck her. As he stops to unzip his pants she performs a gymnastic feat and manages to squirm into position on her knees in front of him so she can suck his dick instead of getting fucked. She really doesn't want to get fucked by some narc who was about to arrest her, so she plans to blow him instead without it seeming like she didn't want to fuck him. He lets her give him an amazing blow job for a few minutes, but he still has his heart set on fucking his little handcuffed toy so he stands her up, bends her over the bed, and fucks her like he originally planned. After a while he pulls some leg shackles out of his bag and locks her feet in them. He then slips between her legs so he can fuck her while standing next to the bed. After enjoying her for a while longer, he slides her onto the bed so he can climb on top and fuck her missionary style while she's still locked in handcuffs and shackles. He finally blows his load on her, leaving Shae lying in bed naked, bound, and covered in his hot cum.
duration 20:03
Kendra Heart Bought and Fucked video from Jason King
Kendra Heart Bought and Fucked by Jason King There are a ton of videos depicting girls being taken and then prepared to be sold as sex slaves. For some reason you never see the second part where some lucky, rich bastard buys a one of those sex slaves, takes her home, and has some fun. I decided to change that by acting out that exact scenario with Kendra Heart. I start off by walking Kendra into her new home and sitting her down on my couch. I explain some house rules to her while I strip her naked. Once she's nude, I cuff her hands behind her back and ask her if she's big on kissing. She says she isn't. I tell her I am so she's going to need to learn to like it. I then make out with my new sex slave briefly before moving her handcuffs to the front of her body so she can blow me. Kendra is now on her knees giving me an amazing blowjob. I had only intended for her to suck my dick for a minute or two to get me hard so I can fuck her but her BJ skills are amazing. I let Kendra suck on my dick for some time. I even bring her into the bedroom to continue sucking my cock and tell her promise her that if she gets me off with a blowjob I will let her out of having sex for today. Of coarse I was lying. When she gets me close to orgasm I get behind her and fuck her doggy style. Kendra does not look happy about this but there isn't anything she can do about it. I own her now so I can do anything I want with her. After fucking her doggy style for a while try a few other positions. I briefly lay down and make Kendra climb on top to do the work for a while, then I lay her on her back so I can climb on top of her and fuck her good. I eventually blow my load on her while she's on her back before leaving her chained up on the bed so I can play with her some more later. *Note* - The audio cuts out for the last third of this video (shortly after we move to the bedroom). This is Kendra's debut video and the blowjob scenes alone were worth publishing as a video so I found a way to make it work. For the final act of this video I went old school and replaced the audio track with some funky porn music.

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