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duration 12:09
It Won't Happen Again Cuck Roleplay pt 1 video from 420sextime
It Won't Happen Again Cuck Roleplay pt 1 by 420sextime This is part 1 of a new cuck series that we're filming. The videos in this series will get progressively more mean/bratty/domineering and I'll continue cheating on you until you become nothing but my pathetic sexless cuck. Hey babe, I just got back from Jessica's costume party and I have something to tell you. It's nothing to worry about! This cute guy was staring at me the whole time so I decided to go over and talk to him, I could tell he was really into me by the huge boner he had bulging through his pants. I told him about you but I also mentioned that I've always wanted to suck a big cock like his and he suggested an idea... This is what I want to talk to you about... We have such a great relationship, I love you, and I always want to be honest with you. You know that I would never cheat on you. This guy said that it would be really kinky if I sucked his big cock and that you could watch if you wanted to! Doesn't that sound hot? It would just be a one time thing, it won't happen again! You know how much I've always wanted to be with a guy with a big dick and this is my chance to see what it's like. Your dick is great, it's just average, so what do you think? I'll text him and tell him to come in. I promise I'll never talk to him again after this! You want me to be happy, right? :) Includes: cuckolding, cheating, facial cumshot, blowjob, eye contact, sloppy blowjob, big dick, big cock, confession, uncut, uncircumcised, spit, costume, Halloween, angel, halo, wings, brat, bratty, mean, gfe, girlfriend, blue lingerie, cum on face, cum in mouth, spit cum, roleplay, dirty talking, cute, evil
duration 15:46
Want a Blow Job from a Cute Girl in a Purple Beret? Real Couple POV Goth Babes B/G Rocker Punks - Blow Job Rim Job Jerk Off Facial Happiness! video from MeredithTourmaline
Want a Blow Job from a Cute Girl in a Purple Beret? Real Couple POV Goth Babes B/G Rocker Punks - Blow Job Rim Job Jerk Off Facial Happiness! by MeredithTourmaline Meredith Tourmaline, looking cute in a purple beret, grey sheer pantyhose, and nothing else besides her bookish glasses, kneels between DD R'Moan's spread legs and kisses his underwear, feeling his cock grown hard between her lips and the soft fabric. She holds onto his hips, her nails painted grey glitter with red middle fingers, pressing her lips to his cock, then moving his underwear aside to tease him by kissing and licking his inner thighs, and then his balls. She moves slow and sensuous, her knuckle-tattooed hands caressing his thighs, his hips. Her long hair is side-parted and side-shaved, tickling DD R'Moan's legs as she looks up at him then lowers her head again... She grips his cock in one hand as she gently kisses and licks his thighs. His hard cock visibly throbs under his soft cotton underwear. Finally, she releases his cock, opens her mouth to take in the tip, wrapping her lips around the head... As she holds onto his cock, licking, she takes it deeper into her mouth, smiling and making strong eye contact. All her care, attention, and adoration is devoted to his cock. She is adorable in her purple beret and nerdy glasses with little silver hearts on the frames. DD R'Moan holds Meredith by the back of the neck, lowering her head so she can feel his cock against the back of her throat, getting his dick wet with her spit. He thrusts his hips and she lets herself drool, spit dripping onto his balls and onto her fingers. She begins to delicately play with the edge of his anus, to which he moans even more. When she finally takes off his underwear, we see his cock glistening with her saliva, and teasing glimpses of her small tits. When DD begins to jerk himself off, Meredith raises her hips, her ass, and leans down to perform a slobbery rimjob, licking and gently massaging his balls, too. Close-ups show her spitting, drooling, onto his asshole as pre-cum glistens at the tip of his hard cock.

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