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duration 9:56
Small Dick Solution video from KinkyCuntboy
Small Dick Solution by KinkyCuntboy Do small dick/big hairy cunt fantasies arouse you? How will a small dick satisfy my big hairy cunt? I spread my super hairy, big primal cunt in front of you. It is insanely wet and desperate to be fucked. I open it and show a big juicy gape. Amidst plenty of dirty talk I tell u it’s used to being fucked by my husband’s big thick cock. But lets try. I have a tiny dildo just the size of a tiny dick. Watch what happens as the tiny dick fucks my big primal hairy fuckhole. You see how the tiny cock in my cunt moves in circles. Fucked by the little one for a while, my big desperate cunt wants something more. I call in another dildo, just the size of my husband and double…(triple?) the size of the tiny dick. The little cock stands by the side while the big one fucks me in the pussy as I moan… But i'm not mean. I want everyone to be satisfied, so I find a Tiny Dick Solution. We give my cunt what’s the best for it - TWO cocks at the same time. And you can hear my pussy is getting the fucking it so desperately needs! TAGS: hairy pussy, very hairy pussy, big hairy cunt, big hairy pussy, big cunt, big pussy, pussy gape, gaping pussy, gape, gaping, loose, meaty, ftm, primal cunt, desperate, big clit, full bush, wet pussy, horny pussy, horny wet pussy, dirty talk, SPH, small penis humiliation, small dick humiliation, small dick, tiny dildo, small dildo, big dildo, dp, dildo dp, pussy dp, dpp, vdp, double penetration, big pussy small dick fantasy, small penis big pussy
duration 21:40
THE FUTANARI BIMBO POTION by Ellie Idol After coming home early from the office party, I can't help but rant to you, my husband. My co-workers are sexist and they hit on me every chance they can get. I had a drink at the office but felt ill from it so now I'm here. After a few minutes, I feel tingles in my pelvic region so I look and see a full sized cock has sprouted from my genitals!! We both can't believe our eyes. I touch it but can't help myself and cum all over the floor. Over and over again, I stroke myself off...yet something changes every time in my personality. I slowly go from intelligent, nice and prudish to ditzy, slutty and bitchy. I was definitely dosed at the office party! Suddenly the guy from the office calls so I shamelessly flirt with him. Why not? He's hot, rich, with a big dick! You're none of those things. I continue to jerk off and stick my pantyhosed feet in your face until finally I cum and drain my balls completely. Suddenly, I'm back to my original self. I'm mortified by my behavior! I hang up and ask how I can make it up to you but you just want my feet back in your face. The prude that I am, I refuse so you touch my cock to get me back in the mood. It works! I'm back in bitchy bimbo mode ready to cheat! I call the guy back and we make plans for him to pick me up. Turns out I've come so many times in such a short period that I'm now permanently this way! I'm such an airhead now that I have to have the guy on the phone explain what divorce is to me. How did this happen? How could someone go from kind and intelligent to a bitchy, ditzy slut? The futanari bimbo potion is how! ;)
duration 9:27
DADDY'S LITTLE WHORE WANTS BBC NOT SWC by Chastity Lynn Hi daddy... are you ready to stroke your little white dick? Oh wow... you must like my outfit daddy...your p.. your penis just twitched... is that little drips of fluid coming out of it? How gross. So... touch it... touch your little di.. I mean penis. Whenever I get horny I am thinking about one thing... THUG! BLACK! COCK! Seriously...they are bigger than my fucking arm! How big is your little white penis? Like 4 inches? Fuck that’s disgusting...Do you want to watch me daddy? Do you want to watch your own step-daughter getting bred by a 14 inch black cock? Cause that’s what it’s all about!...Big! Hard! Black! Cock! I bet that’s what you search on the internet huh? You see...big black cock porn has warped your weak white mind. You can’t even get off anymore to a hot white girl...what you really need is to see her gagging on a 13 inch black cock! Then your little white dick is hard as a rock huh? lol You are SO pathetic, stroking your sad little white dick while watching your own step-daughter get fucked by a thug with a 14 inch black cock. Look... you’re always gonna be white... you can’t help that you’re so pathetic. It’s just... not natural for a whiteboi to be with a hot white girl like me. Could you even fuck my white asshole?...lol... No! Now imagine a big, hard throbbing 13 inch black cock slamming up my white ass! As I spread my cheeks so hard my knuckles turn white! It’s a hot picture huh? Maybe you can get some of it on camera? But you’ll end up sucking black cock with me you know? And we can French kiss each other as we swallow that thick slimy nut... cause I love you daddy! It’s not all bad though. You still have all that big black dick porn on the internet...that’s really where you belong...stroking your sad little white dick while watching hot white girls get banged by 13 inch black cock. Make sure you leak that gross fluid in the toilet can though...right where it belongs haha. You only cum when your daughter gives you permission from now on! This is gonna be our special bonding time daddy. So, keep stroking your tiny dick you white loser... Just sit back and goon... jerk to these big black cocks! All you do is limply jerk off to your own racial genocide you pathetic white fuck!
duration 11:46
Ass Flexing JOI for Tiny Dicked Cucks video from MsCakes
Ass Flexing JOI for Tiny Dicked Cucks by MsCakes Custom vid (no names used). I have a very special task for you tonight, my little cuck. First, you’re gonna take your baby dick out for me, and start stroking it while you watch me flex my ass. You just love worshiping this tight, perfect ass, don’t you? Is it getting your dick nice and hard right now? Haha, too bad I can barely even see it… it’s so fucking small! That’s exactly why I love taking big cocks in front of you – to show you how a real man with a big dick can satisfy me in ways that your puny little thing never could. But you love to watch me get fucked real hard and deep by a big cock, don’t you? You love sitting there in the corner, jerking your baby dick as you watch superior men fuck me better than you ever could. Then after they cum, it’s your job to get on your knees and suck their dicks til they get hard enough to fuck me again. After all, you’ve gotta make yourself useful somehow… and your pathetic weak dick sure isn’t gonna do it! Look at you, getting so turned on just at the thought of watching me take big cocks, and then even sucking them yourself. Just keep stroking your tiny, useless dick as you watch me flex my oiled up ass, and listen to me talk about all the ways you'll be serving me and my well-endowed lovers from now on. Then when I count down from 10, I want you to cum for my ass flexing, along with the thought of sucking my bull’s big dick and taking his cum like the good little cuck you are.

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