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When Consent Becomes Decadence video from BlackxRose92
When Consent Becomes Decadence by BlackxRose92 This was really a surprise, BJx had no idea what I was planning. I had asked him after dinner if he wanted a blowjob, and he said yes, but that he didn't think I was serious. Oh I was more than serious, I was already ready. After he walked in I asked him to get comfortable, and everything was a surprise after that. Every step of the way I stated my intentions and asked if he wanted me to proceed. Whenever he said yes, I did something what I said and made it even more sensual. When he asked me to do something, if I said no, I stopped and did the previously agreed on action. If I said yes, I let him do exactly what he wanted and then some. He asked me to lick his cock, I said yes, and then I asked if he wanted to slide it all the way down my throat. When he said yes, I swallowed every single inch and held it deep. Every step of this video was negotiated as it was filmed spontaneously and naturally. You'll get to hear how sexy it is to say "YES!" and what creative sexy compromises are reached when someone says "no". We always negotiate sex so that we each enjoy it as much as possible, pushing our sexual enjoyment to its fullest potential. When each party agrees on the fun, the orgasmic pleasure is doubled. When sex is planned and taken care to be made enjoyable for all, it becomes more intense than words can describe, breaking sexual barriers, forming deep intimate connections, and causing such unforgettable orgasms that leave everyone panting for minutes after. This is truly selfish sex. I give him 100% of my enthusiastic attentions, and he savors every second of it, even reveling in my naughty teasing. When the recording was finished, I was treated to a steaming hot shower, fresh pajamas and clean bed sheets, a baking date for two, and a romantic movie in bed because my orgasms don't happen in one night. Let me show you exactly how important communication is and how utterly sexy planning sex can be. You'll never want to stop communicating ever again. When those doors of consent are left open, moments for spontaneous sex becomes hours of making love and pleasure.

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