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POV Cock Sucking - Custom Vid video from Rose
POV Cock Sucking - Custom Vid by Rose SEQUEL TO "Ebony Girl Teases Daddy's Cock" Okay sorry, I was looking at your video previews and I thought of an even BETTER custom idea. As soon as you approve it I'll immediately make the request. A 15 minute non-nude POV video. You wear a bikini, braided hair, long nails and many rings and wrist bracelets (or something close to that.) The video starts in your bedroom with you softly trying to wake up an 18 year old white boy who's laying on your bed. Apparently the boy was hiding in the bushes, spying on you while you sunbathed in your bikini when suddenly he was stung by several wasps. You found him pa**ed out and brought him to your bedroom to give him medical care. You had stripped him naked to apply ointment to his wounds but now you've awakened him. You call him 'hun' and 'poor baby' and are very consoling and sympathetic to him. Upon seeing you he immediately becomes very excited (a white dildo popping up.) You notice that he has a wasp stinger stuck on the head of his erect penis. You lay on your side, put your glasses on and begin examining his dick. You gently squeeze different parts of it while asking, "does this hurt, does that hurt?" taking your time while examining it and telling him, "it'll be okay baby." (please talk as often as possible in the video.) You're able to pull the stinger out and begin treating the wound, dabbing lotion on him. To ease his pain you blow air on the tip of his penis to soothe the burning pain he feels. You slowly stroke his erection with the tips of your nails and repeatedly kiss the head where the stinger once wa, nursing and caring for him. You realize there may be some wasp venom in his dick so you begin sucking on the tip to try and remove it while massaging his dick with your nails. He suddenly feels terrible for spying on such a beautiful and kindhearted woman as he's just visiting your country while on vacation with his parents. In the last few minutes of the video you give him a slow blow job to make him feel better. Upon completion you say farewell to him, knowing that he'll never ever forget you. Tags: POV, Dildo sucking, Long nails, Braids, Bikini, Jewelries, Big lips, Black and Ebony, Non-nude, Accent, Cute talking, Blowjob, Handjob, Toys.

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