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Cheese Vore Giantess video from Royal Heidi
Cheese Vore Giantess by Royal Heidi Concept: I’m shrunken down and eaten between two slices of cheese. Filming: From my point of view (POV) with a length of 10 minutes. No special effects or dolls needed. Props: Some big long slices of cheese. Story: You are my foster Step-Sister and this morning you come to my bedroom. I am still in bed and very surprised. You tell me that you have plans for me. You reveal that I am living in a fam*ly of Giants and Giantesses. I only grew up to serve as food. Now I am ready for consumption and it will happen today. The fam*ly decided that I (Heidi) will be the one to shrink and consume you. I am going to do it right now and I will eat you, between 2 slices of cheese. I know that you don´t like cheese and I am sadistic. You show me the cheese, this will be the last thing I will see while I feel your teeth chopping me up slowly. You also know that I was fantasizing about having sex with you. Before you devour me, you will give me a hand job and tease me with your boobs. You know that I can´t resist you. You grab the cheese and taste it. You see that I am excited and you get topless to tease me more. You jerk me off and shrink me down. Now I am ready and you place me between the cheese. You eat me slowly from toe to head. You talk about which part is next. (head) Before you eat my head with the last Taste, you say Good Bye and Thank you for being such a tasty foster Step-Bro. After the last Taste you hope that your Giantess Step-Mom will find a new, tasty foster Step-Brother soon. END The clip should be filmed from my point of view until I am between the cheese.

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