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duration 33:25
Lil Sis Big Sis Taboo Bikini Fuck video from Leila Cherry
Lil Sis Big Sis Taboo Bikini Fuck by Leila Cherry While your parents are away you and your sisters plan a trip to the beach. Your big sis (Little Puck) is so excited to spend time alone together. There's so many things she wants to do together. Puck has a big crush on you and is saving her virginity for her little brother and wants to finally give it to you while you're alone. Your little sister (Leila Cherry) walks in dressed in a super slutty bikini that immediately catches your eye. Puck looks so covered up compared to Leila, she points out how slutty she looks. Leila gets worried that maybe the bikini may come off at the beach so she twerks for you to check and make sure it doesn't come loose. You're completely distracted by her ass you can't help but stare at it jiggle and shake. The bikini stays intact so Leila feels safe for the beach! Watching her little brother flirt with Leila makes Puck feel insecure so she pretends that she's sick and can't make it to the beach. Your little sister gets concerned and runs off to check on her sister. Puck confesses that she knows you two have been fucking each other and it makes her jealous because she can't be as slutty as Leila. Her little sister lovingly offers to teach Puck how to be a major slut for her brother and catch his eye! She dresses up Puck in slutty bikinis, teaches her how to twerk, touches her, and praises her beautiful body to get her feeling confident enough to finally be deflowered by her brother! Your sister notices you spying on them and gets Puck on her knees ready to please your cock. Puck and Leila give you the hottest sloppy double blowjob with lots of tongue and ahegao faces. Next it's time for you to fuck Leila (virtual sex) while Puck sucks her nipples then you deflower your big sis Puck. Your cock feels so good inside her! Puck wants you to fill her up with a creampie and be a little cum dumpster for her brother. The now cum thirsty Puck slurps up your cum puddle off the bed then your sisters finger themselves until they cum for you. Now that you're fucking your sisters you never need to use your hands! You can jerk off into their pussies and fill them with your cum. (featuring littlepuck.manyvids.com. Shot by xxjalbxx.manyvids.com)
duration 16:14
Nurse Dani JOI With Cumshot- facial video from Dani Sorrento
Nurse Dani JOI With Cumshot- facial by Dani Sorrento You must be our new patient today. So I see here that you are having a problem that you want taken care of. You can get an erection, but you are having trouble cumming. Now the doctor here actually has a new approach to this problem and it is a more natural way of getting results. You will feel temporary relief after, but we will still take a sample of your cum to make sure there is no underlying issues. I am going to change and then I will be back to tell you what to do. I go from basic nurse scrubs and gym shoes to chunky high heels, a mini skirt and a micro two piece bikini. My hair is now down and my makeup is a little more sexy. Don't worry though, this is all part of the process to get the best results! I am gonna pose myself to get you hard, so just take out your penis for me to see. Then, once you have a raging hardon, I am going to tease you even more while telling you exactly how to stroke your cock for me. I noticed you are more fond of my behind so we will focus on that; shaking, slapping, clapping, and general teasing of my ass for you. Once I see your cock twitching a lot I will get the sample cup and sit in front of you. I will make sure it doesn't feel like a procedure and have you aim your load at my face and tits. Let me worry about the sample cup, just cum after my countdown. Such a big load we got from you! I will call you next week with the results from the sample (custom clip, brunette, brown eyes, make up, simple makeup to slutty makeup, dirty talk, nurse, ponytail, hair straight down, long hair, red lipstick, micro bikini, blue bathing suit, miniskirt, short green skirt, high heel sandals, chunky black heels, twerking, dancing, ass shaking, booty clapping, butt jiggle, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, tattoos, perky tits, 38dd, 51in ass, size 11 feet, bbw, tall, posing, teasing, squat, bent over, standing, ass slapping, twerk, spank, wiggle, messy ending, fake cum, huge cumshot, facial, cum on tits, cum countdown, JOI, jerk off encouragement, cum encouragement, jerk off instruction, Dani Sorrento, spankdani)
duration 14:48
CUSTOM Bikini Contest video from Kandy Kaines
CUSTOM Bikini Contest by Kandy Kaines Clients Requests: "You enter wearing either regular clothes or a robe. You’re entering a bikini contest. You know I'm the judge and want to give me a preview. You know you're going to win anyway because you have like the perfect body, but you want to make it fun for both of us. You say if I don't touch myself all, you'll make it worth the wait. You slow peel off your clothes or robe and reveal your amazing body in a skimpy bikini that shows off your figure. You brag about how you just blow away the competition. You show off your long legs, round booty, tiny waist, but you can tell what has my attention: your big fake breasts. You mention that even without implants you still have the best body, but the breasts just put you so far over anyone else. I confess I am absolutely a breast man, and the shape and look of fake breasts is a huge fetish of mine. You brag about their size and look and how much you love them. You contrast them to your slender fit body (and if you want to throw in a few yoga poses or flexibility, that would be a bonus) and you see you've completely got me. I can't look away, you're breasts are too big resist, and your body too perfect to resist. So, after I have resisted touching myself this whole time, you decide to "reward" me. You say you are going to ride me, and if I can resist cumming, then you will give me half the prize money. But if I do explode inside you, then I will double the prize money out of my own pocket. Just to make it more interesting, it pretty much has to be the best orgasm ever from me. I agree, of course, how could I resist? You remove the panties (or find a way to ride/grind) with them still on and get on top (either POV or that doll you use), taunting me with your perfect body and your huge breasts barely contained by the bikini top. You want to cement in my mind the visual of you in the bikini for when I see you in the contest. You see me struggling so badly because it feels so good. You remind me how perfect your body is and how perfect it feels to be ridden by you. Your breasts are too big to resist, your body is too fit to resist. I can't resist anymore and so you count me down, and if I can resist cumming when you hit zero, I win. You count down so slowly, taunting me beyond what I can take, then when you hit zero, you shove your huge breasts into my face, and I can't take it anymore and erupt like I never before. You notice that I'm twitching and practically can't move with the biggest smile on my face, almost about to p a s s out, so you say that you will expect double the money when you win the contest, and I easily agree before p a s s i n g out. You say I probably will think this was some wet d r e a m until I see you in the contest, and I might just cream my pants at the contest remembering how perfect this was." DISCLOSURE: Client asked for natural makeup. TAGS: Bikini, Roleplay, Competition, Riding, Toys, Big Tits Fetish, Cum-Countdown

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