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duration 24:04
The Doctor Will See You Now - JOI video from Fiona Dagger
The Doctor Will See You Now - JOI by Fiona Dagger (This is a NON NUDE medical / bedside manner fetish video) You're going for your first appointment at the new premium healthcare clinic you've signed up for and you're not sure what to expect. When you arrive Dr Fiona explains that at this clinic they like to do a very thorough series of tests related to all areas of health, including sexual. After some basic tests Dr Fiona asks if you'd be comfortable removing your clothing so that she can make sure everything is healthy and working properly 'down there'! You let her examine your penis while she asks you questions about your sex life, how many times a week you masturbate, whether or not you feel happy with your penis size... You're a little embarrassed and uncomfortable but Dr Fiona is very calm and professional about it all, and tries to put you at ease. She asks if you're willing to do a test that looks at your ability to achieve erection, and to hold off and control an orgasm, and you warily agree... The doctor gets you to manually stimulate yourself for her, following her instructions and answering questions about the sensations you're feeling. Occasionally she stops you to test how hard your penis has become, before asking you to carry on again. You stroke your cock as she instructs you, and when you start getting close to ejactulating she makes you pause to test how able you are to 'edge' yourself. After a few times of stopping you from orgasming she gets you to ejaculate into a cup for her so she can get your sperm sent off for more tests. She then tells you there's a bathroom next door where you can freshen up and that she'll see you in six months for your next check up!
duration 13:05
Doctor Drains Your Balls video from Fiona Dagger
Doctor Drains Your Balls by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and is a NON NUDE medical fetish video) You've gone to see the doctor because you've been experiencing some aches and tingles in your balls recently, and you're a bit nervous and embarrassed to tell your doctor about it, but she's very calm and professional and tries to put you at ease. She asks you some questions and makes you tell her about the last time you ejaculated - you awkwardly inform her that you haven't cum since you had a run in with a street prostitute 3 weeks ago where she squeezed your balls painfully until you gave her a load of money! Your doctor takes some notes and asks if she can examine your testicles; she squeezes and massages them to check for irregularities, then informs you that she wants to empty them today and then get you back in next week to see if there's any difference. She'll make you ejaculate today with her hand and then get your sperm sent off for testing. You freak out at this and she has to coax you back into the room, reassuring you that she's a professional and that there's no need to be nervous. You reluctantly agree to come back into the examination room and she begins to work your penis with her hand, being very firm. She squeezes your balls tighter and tighter as she jacks your cock, all the while calmly asking you how it feels, how long does it normally take you to cum etc. When you get close to cumming she makes you hold out a cup to ejaculate into and she grips your balls very tightly as she milks your cock into the cup. She then tells you to be sure to book in at reception for next week so she can take another look at your balls, and to let her know in the meantime if the aching or tingling comes back.
duration 37:28
CBT , blackmail and int()x revenge from the psyxo patient video from Mistress Misha Goldy
CBT , blackmail and int()x revenge from the psyxo patient by Mistress Misha Goldy After a long but unsuccessful treatment, your patient escapes from a mental hospital! She catch you near the door of your house and kicked your face soo hard that waking up you allready in house of her aunt ! You cant move and talk , she told you that she use some of your medicine and  his action will soon pass because she would love to hear your beggings and screams! She is telling you that After all your medicine she is not feeling nothing !Not pity, not love, not regret and  not compassion! Just evil all over her exhausted by you  body and mind! And she is here to revenge you! To make you feel the biggest pain like she did it! She int()xicated you with a lot of p()ppers , making you do this by closing your mouth ! Taking your cock and inject a special medicine to make you hard not paying attention to what will hurts you! She tormneting your cock , pushing a speculum inside your asshole, making it bigger, fuck it, humiliating you , experimenting with different medicines, tormenting your cock with a painfull handjob in latex gloves, and after all CBT she inject in you medicine wich will keep you be in conscious when she will cut your balls , but before she make you cum in a special test tube wich she will save in freezer but you must do everything she will demand ! She know that you still dont have a heirs , and your wife will broke with you if you will cant make the heirs! So you have a 24 hours till she will call you and get an answer YES from you or she will destroy your last semen and your family will never have a  heirs becuase your balls is laying on the floor apart from your body!
duration 43:43
School Nurse Sex Education video from Fiona Dagger
School Nurse Sex Education by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've been sent to the school nurse because you've been having problems with getting erections in class, and when you get to the nurse's office you're feeling embarrassed but she immediately reassures you that it's perfectly normal. She offers to talk you through everything you need to know about safe sex and give you a comprehensive lesson in the various ways of achieving sexual pleasure by yourself or with a partner. She's very calm and soothing throughout and begins by explaining the female body to you, using her own body to show you what she means, before talking to you about masturbation. She demonstrates a handjob on you and gets you to ejaculate into a tissue, then asks you if you feel like you'd be able to ejaculate more. You say yes so she goes on to demonstrate a blowjob, and after you've cum from that asks you if you know much about condoms or other methods of contraception. She demonstrates a condom for you, putting it onto your penis, before allowing you to fuck her in missionary, giving you soothing instructions all the while. After you've cum into the condom she tells you there's one more method of safe sex she needs to explain to you, and that's anal sex. She chats with you about different positions you can perform anal in and how to do it safely, and then offers to show you a few positions. She shows you doggy, reverse cowgirl, and then anal missionary, and each time after you cum she cleans her ass off your penis with her mouth. By this time you've cum 6 times and you're exhausted, so even though you've missed loads of class she tells you to relax and take a nap in her office, and she'll clean you up while you do. She says she'll wake you in an hour or so and you can go back to your classes - but if you have any more questions or more trouble with persistent erections to be sure to come back to her office and she'll sort you out!

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