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duration 26:21
We Locked 18 Year Old Super Slut Mia Keys In Our Shed To Use And Abuse - Hardcore Taboo Rough Sex Part 2 - 4K video from Filthy-Fuckers
duration 13:13
Strassenköter Teil 1 / Dirty Dog Part 1 video from Ladyvampira
Strassenköter Teil 1 / Dirty Dog Part 1 by Ladyvampira This reprobate mutt drifted around in front of my house on the street, so I had to put him on a leash and change my clothes. Out in the garden of course, because this dirty piece could have served someone else. After the first inspection and new ladies' lingerie, the street-pooch seems to be quite docile and even has a box of cigarettes with me, which I take. So while I blow his cigarette smoke in his face, I lubricate the future slaves whore pink lipstick in the mouth cunt. He is even allowed to eat my ashes as a Human Ashtray and gets ballbusting with my sexy red thigh boots again and again. Marked as a "loose cunt" by his new pimp Dominatrix Lady Vampira and expropriated, his new slave house is now called Femdom Empire. The Dominakiss only means more ear-violins and kicks in the balls, as long as he is still allowed to kneel in humility before the mistress. / Dieser reudige Köter trieb sich vor meinem Haus auf der Strasse herum, also musste ich ihn an die Leine nehmen und erstmal neu einkleiden. Draussen im Garten natürlich, denn dieses dreckige Stück könnte schon sonst wem gedient haben. Nach der ersten Inspektion und neuer Damenwäsche scheint der Strassenköter recht gefügig zu sein und hat sogar eine Schachtel Zigaretten dabei, die ich mir nehme. Während ich ihm also den Zigarettenqualm ins Gesicht blase, schmiere ich der zukünftigen Sklavenhure pinken Lippenstift in die Maulfotze. Er darf als Human Ashtray sogar schon meine Asche fressen und kassiert immer wieder Ballbusting mit meinen geilen roten Overknee Stiefeln. Als "Loser Fotze" von seiner neuen Zuhälterin Domina Lady Vampira markiert und enteignet, heisst sein neuer Sklavenstall ab sofort Femdom Empire. Der Dominakuss bedeutet nur weitere Ohrgeigen und Tritte in die Eier, solange er noch demütig vor der Herrin knien darf.
duration 5:59
Kitty Makes A Mess video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Kitty Makes A Mess by Red Vinyl Kitty Master is working busily, and Kitty is sitting in her kitty nest, being good. She's been sitting there for what seems like FOREVER though, and she just can't take it any longer so she begins to try distracting her Master a little. She tried headbutting him, but he seems to not care, telling her he has to work, and to go back to her bed. She's really undeterred and tried again, this time offering her Master one of her toys, maybe that will get him to play with her. That doesn't work either and he seems completely uninterested in her, still. Kitty won't back down, and she rubs her bare bum on his knee, sure that will get his attention. Master just smacks her ass and tells her to stay on her cushion while he gets up to get something off the printer. Kitty looks really sad her attempts at getting Master's attention don't seem to be working. Master leaves the room, and an angry Kitty is left behind. She looks directly into the camera, and we get a close-up of her PEEING all over her kitty nest! The pee gets deep enough to make a puddle around her feet and it trails onto the floor. Kitty giggles mischievously as he crawls off the pillow. When her Master returns from finding the print out he needed, he doesn't see Kitty, but he smells pee and he discovers that she peed in the kitty bed. He calls her in to the room. Kitty mews softly and comes into the room. Master grabs her by the neck and forces her face down to within inches of the pee. "Kitty! Look at that! Is that PEE? Do you smell PEE? I think we know who PEED in the KITTY bed KITTY! That is bad. Bad Kitty. We do not behave this way." He spanks her several times over one knee. You can see her butt getting redder with each hit. After her spanking, Kitty kneels in front of him for final chastisement before he gets back to work. There's something in her eye that makes Master wonder if she learned her lesson as he slaps her face and tells her to clean up her kitty nest while he gets back to work. NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible, and her feeding tube is visible.

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