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duration 26:19
Brat Bitch Caught Shoplifting video from Delilah Cass
Brat Bitch Caught Shoplifting by Delilah Cass I loooove shopping for lingerie! I love this store so much. It always has the cutest stuff! I wanna try so many things on. I bet I will like all of them. I look at the price!! WTF! $72 for a bra?! I keep trying things on and loving everything where an idea sparks…. I don’t have to pay for everything. I can steal it and no one will ever find out…how thrilling! I love being such a naughty girl.. I just have to keep hiding all these hangers! I leave the store but not until SECURITY stops me and demands a receipt. I say that I am sorry, I probably left it in the car with my daddy. He isn’t buying it and keeps asking to search my bag, but I refuse like the bratty girl I am. I am getting really annoyed and finally admit to stealing one thing and hand over a panty. He knows I am lying and finally gets my bag and sees all the things I stole…. Bras.. Panties.. Lingerie.. He is PISSED. I beg and say I can pay and my daddy’s card will cover it. He doesn’t care. I am so mad and being bratty until I ask if I can suck his cock and he will drop this whole thing? I don’t want to get naked but he saw I was wearing more items I was stealing and couldn’t believe it. He pushed me on my knees and I took his big cock in my mouth, reluctantly of course. I am a bratty girl, I don’t suck cock like ew! Why did I even suggest this?! I suck his cock and tell him he's not allowed to cum in my mouth because that would be absolutely disgusting. Eww, he wants me to lean back and show him my pussy now? This fucking guy tells me he spies on girls in the dressing rooms and then makes girls that get caught shoplifting suck his cock all the time. What a fucking jerk! I hate that I have to do this, but I can't afford to get in trouble. OMG, please tell me he's not about to cum in my mouth. I think my bratty days are numbered. I'm never going to get caught shoplifting again. Tags: redhead, redheads, hairy, hairy bush, long hair, all natural, ball sucking/licking, bouncing boobs, boy/girl, b/g, cumshots, cut dicks, gagging, hair, older man / younger woman, older man / younger woman, tattoos, tall women, blowjob, blow jobs
duration 20:40
I Vow To Give YOUR DAD My Tight Asshole video from Delilah Cass
I Vow To Give YOUR DAD My Tight Asshole by Delilah Cass Today is my wedding today and it’s all ruined! How could my fiancé stand me up at the altar and embarrass me in front of our families? I had to go to our hotel to grab some things since our parents took our belongings there. I walk in and see they have roses all over the bed and start crying. I can’t believe he would do this to me! I am so pissed at him. I punch and throw the stupid heart pillows they put in the honeymoon suite. At least I have this bottle of champagne. I cry on the bed and then snap out of it. What am I thinking?? He will come back! I grab a rose and do the old “He loves me, he loves me not” thing and it just ends up making it worse. I grab the bottle and head to the tub. I struggle opening the stupid bottle and take a swig and it bursts all over me. This is bullshit! This is MY wedding day. I bet his dad would know where my fiancé is…. I go to my soon to be father-in-laws house and rush in asking if he has seen him? I start crying and my fiancé’s dad hugs me and soothes me. We sit on the couch and the more I look at this man, I see how similar he looks to his soon. But he’s much older… More mature.. I know my wedding night can be saved. I tell my fiancé’s dad there is something I have been prepping for for months to give to his son on our wedding night. My anal virginity. I get up and bend over, exposing my “something blue” large heart shaped butt plug in my ass. He is baffled but I know he wants me. I ask him if I can see his cock and get on my knees and suck his thick dick so good in my wedding gown. Your cock is much bigger than your son. I gag on his cock until I am ready to take out my butt plug and get my ass fucked by my new daddy. I lay down and his thick cock enters my tight asshole and pounds me until we switch to me reverse cowgirl anal riding him. He cums deep in my ass and we kiss and I am so glad I still lost my anal virginity that night… Tags: older man younger woman daddy/daughter daddy daughter fiancé’s dad anal anal play butt plug wedding bride barefoot long hair redhead red hair hairy bush cum in ass daddy talk role play
duration 31:02
Schoolgirl Corporal Punishment video from Delilah Cass
Schoolgirl Corporal Punishment by Delilah Cass I go to St. Peter's Catholic School and the teachers here are being stupid. I wear the uniform they want me to and then they accuse me of being too "sexy" and too "provocative" because I wore it with my shoulders down. So at detention, this teacher tells me I can't graduate unless I work off a bunch of demerits. So I either have to sit here in detention forever or I need to get spanked a bunch of times. I mean, what the fuck? They still do that? The teacher tells me it's called corporal punishment or something. It's just an excuse for this teacher to look at and spank my bare ass. All because I wore the uniform they wanted me to? What am I supposed to do? I need to graduate and I can't unless he spanks me so I guess I have to. OMG he's spanking me over his knee and I can feel his dick getting hard. His cock is like poking into my ribs. I can't believe this whole thing. I also can't believe that I'm starting to enjoy it. Why do I like this corporal punishment so much? Now he's putting his thumb in my ass. Oh fuck, this feels so good. And his cock is getting harder and harder. Maybe I should tell him I'll suck him off because now I absolutely want to. But not before he spanks me some more. Spank me with a ruler. Fucking paddle my ass too. I'm such a bad girl. I love it. I'm going to lick his balls and gag on his hard cock until he shoots his cum all over my pretty face and glasses. I can't believe I wasn't this bad before. Thankfully St Peter's still practices corporal punishment. I never knew how much I'd love it! TAGS: punishment, corporal punishment, spanking, ruler spanking, paddle spanking, glasses, pigtails, bratty girls, redhead, nerdy girls, school girl, schoolgirl, student, teacher, stockings, plaid, uniform, high heels, ass fingering, red ass, ass tasting, ass licking, cocksucking, cocksucker, facial, gagging, cum on face, cum on glasses, dirty girls, dirty talk, submissive, ball licking

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