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Strip Tease and Dildo Riding with Dirty Talk video from Amber Adams
Strip Tease and Dildo Riding with Dirty Talk by Amber Adams With no makeup on, I start in a latex/faux leather bodysuit and do a nice sexy striptease while smacking and shaking my big fat ass. I ask if you like my big round ass in these tight latex leggings, and say I know you can't wait for me to undress. I rub my pussy through the leggings as well as spit on my tits. Then I fuck myself fingers first and talk about how wet and horny I am while I start to spit on my tits more and rub it in. I ask if you love how I finger my pussy and tell you it's so wet for you. I ask if you like how much I finger it and how it's nice and wet. I tell you to stroke your hard cock for me. I say I want a big fucking cock in my pussy, and say "you'd like that wouldn't you?". I ask if you want me to ride your cock and watch my pussy wrap around your dick. Then I pull out a dildo where I ride it as if it was your cock, and at the same time I spit all over my tits and rub it all over my body and pussy. I ride from the front first, talking about how big and hard your cock is. I moan about how it's hitting my g-spot and ask if you like how my pussy wraps around your cock. I moan in ecstasy and tell you how big it is. I can't believe how you fill me up. I can't help but spit on my tits more to rub it all over my body and play with my nipples. I beg you to make me take it, telling you how bad I want it while I moan and whimper. I can't stop gasping while I ride it, telling you to make me bounce on it and moaning about how hard it is. My eyes keep rolling to the back of my head in pleasure. I tell you it's too fucking good as I take it and tell you to make my little hairy pussy take it while I rub my clit. I turn around and slowly slide down onto your cock in reverse cowgirl, gasping as it fills me. I tell you how much I like it before spitting on my fingers and rubbing them on my asshole. I tell you I wish you could grab all of my hair and pull it back to make me take that cock hard and fast. I begin to ride it faster, and tell you that if you keep fucking me like this I'm gonna cum soon. I ask if you want me to take all of it, and say it's so big that I don't know if I can. I slide down until all of it is inside me and tell you I can't believe that my little horny pussy is taking it all. I tell you to keep making me take it because I want my pussy to clench and release over and over again in a orgasm on your fucking cock. You make me so fucking crazy. I ride it hard and fast, telling you to make me cum and and asking if you're gonna make me cum. As I can feel myself about to orgasm I beg you to make me cum. I orgasm hard and violently on your cock.

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