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Santas Little Helper Needs Your Help and Your Cock video from Mister Cox Productions
Santas Little Helper Needs Your Help and Your Cock by Mister Cox Productions Santas Little Helper is working in the shoe department, getting orders ready to go for Christmas when she gets a call from Santa saying that he is missing an order and he'll be sending someone down to pick it up! That someone is you! Entering the room you see Santas Little Helper bent over with her naked ass peeking out while she's picking up some boxes from the floor. You make a slight grumble with your throat just so she notices that you have arrived. "Oh....Hi... I have something to show you" she says. "What? I have to help you first?? What do you need help with???" she asks. "Oh, you need me to help you unload your balls and then you'll help me load the presents..." she says as you shake you head yes. "Oh I can definitely help you unload these balls!" she says as she pulls out your cock and begins to suck it, lick it and sucks on your balls. Santas Little Helper still has a job to do and needs more help from you over at the Christmas tree! You follow her over to the Christmas tree as she begins to bag up more shoe boxes to be wrapped. "Well... how much time did Santa give you?" she asks. "Really?!! Why don't you bring that cock over here and put it in my mouth again!" as you approach her sticking your cock back in her mouth. "Oh... you've never fucked by the Christmas tree before? We have time to fuck?? Your Christmas wish is to fuck me by the Christmas tree??? Perfect.... well I wanna make your Christmas wish cum true!!" she exclaims after pulling your cock out of her mouth. Santas Little Helpers climbs on top of your cock and rides you reverse cowgirl until you unload those nuts all over yourself. This Santas Little Helper roleplay video is filmed entirely in POV / point of view with lots of dirty talk from Santas Little Helper with awaited responses. No male talking voice in this video.

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