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duration 20:16
Cheerleader Loses Virginity to a Monster video from Delphoxi
Cheerleader Loses Virginity to a Monster by Delphoxi t's homecoming and the sweet, popular, beautiful head cheerleader finds a note in her locker. It says to meet her in an empty classroom after the big game tonight! She's so pumped about this because the handwriting on the note looks like it belongs to her crush!! She rushes to the empty room after the football game and waits for her crush to appear and take her virginity! It will be the PERFECT HOMECOMING! She waits and waits but her crush doesn't show. She assumes he's busy with his teammates celebrating the big win but she's sure he'll show and take her virginity after his celebration. She continues to wait but she's so tired after cheering so hard at the game. She decides to lay down and wait for him. She drifts off quickly. She wakes to find her ankles bound, her tits out and her skirt lifted! "wow, I didn't realize my crush was this kinky!!" She looks around for him and notices a dark figure in the corner of the room. "That must be him", she thinks to herself! She calls to him and tells him that she is ready for him to take her! She's so excited that this is finally going to happen, but when the figure emerges from the shadows the innocent little cheerleader is TERRIFIED! It's not her crush! But instead a massive, disgusting, demon-like creature! She freaks out and whines! She's terrified of this beast! She realizes that there are more monsters lurking in the back of the room. All with their huge monster cocks out! She cries, NO NO! Please don't fuck me! I've been saving myself for my crush!! But the monster doesn't care! It wants her sweet virginity !! She can't believe she was foolish enough to be lured and fucked her by a monster! The beast has it's way with her, filling her up with their enormous loads as she protests!The monster will take what it wants from her!
duration 14:49
Stepdad Gives Virgin Teen Her First Cock video from Delilah Cass
Stepdad Gives Virgin Teen Her First Cock by Delilah Cass Today is my 18th birthday!! Happy birthday to me. I can’t believe I am still a virgin.. Probably because I am so shy. My stepdad was talking to me earlier about filling in for a photoshoot for his girly adult website? I know my mom would not approve but I kind of want to do it?? I mean I am 18 and my stepdad won’t care. My stepdad gives me the outfit to wear and as I put it on I realize how short it is and I get embarrassed… My stepdad is calling for me and I finally come out. Is this really what you make your models wear? Yes, Delilah my step daddy says. My stepdad realizes it’s my 18th birthday and gives me 18 birthday spanks while I count them out. I stand up and my stepdad tells come here and he will show me how to pose for him. My stepdad shows me a few photography tricks that include spreading and licking my young, teen pussy! I pose in a bunch of positions and my stepdad slides my panties off when he is photographing my ass. I ask stepdad if he fucks the models and if he wants to fuck me…. Stepdad wants to be my first cock ever.. I take stepdad’s cock in my mouth, licking it until step daddy pulls my head onto his dick. I give his cock some kisses. Stepdad puts his cock inside me on the couch and it hurts a little but I want to have sex with him. He asks me if I know what doggy is and I get on all fours and ask stepdad to put his face in my ass. He does and licks me. He then fucks me in doggy and I take his hot cum load all over my face. I thank stepdad for being my first cock and taking my virginity and kiss his cock one last time. Tags: redhead redheads cheerleader cheerleader outfit all natural red bush hairy bush spanking birthday spanking stepdad daughter stepdaddy step daddy stepfather big cocks cut dick teen 18 eighteen photoshoot thigh highs socks pig tails glasses eye glasses facials cumshots cum on face virgin 18 year old virgin older younger Fantasy taboo thong short skirts shy timid spanks young teenager innocent virginity
duration 15:34
Bullied BBW Nerd Forced to Smell the Cheerleader's Stinky Pits! With Stacy Sadistic video from Wood

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