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duration 10:29
Doctor Mom Milks You video from Fiona Dagger
Doctor Mom Milks You by Fiona Dagger (This video is taken from my Just For Fans, and is perfect to watch on your phone! It's a good example of the kind of taboo content I post on my JFF - I make videos like this which are generally a bit shorter and simpler than my full length roleplay videos, plus I also post photo sets and GIFs, all with explicit taboo story captions. There's also NO pay-to-view content once you're subscribed, $7.99 gets you access to everything, including this very video! :) Subscribe to JustFor.Fans/FionaDagger for just $7.99 a month to see all the taboo content you've been missing out on!) In this video: Your mother comes home from work and checks in on you, asking how your day was and checking that you remembered not to masturbate today... You apologise and say you forgot and masturbated this morning, and your mother tells you off and reminds you that she was going to do your 6 monthly sexual health check up today! You tell her that you're sorry and that you're sure you can cum again, it's been a few hours so your balls have probably filled up again since! Your mom is still a little annoyed but agrees to do the test, but says that if you can't produce enough cum for her to have a good look at, then you'll just have to do the test again in a few days. She makes you get your cock out and has a look at it, then encourages you to start stroking it in front of her as she watches. After a while she can't help but take over, showing you how you should be doing it. She gets less annoyed as she jacks your cock, relaxing and chatting with you about your porn and masturbation habits and letting you know that it's perfectly healthy to have a good sexual appetite. She tells you she's proud of you and calls you her good boy as she milks you until you cum everywhere! TAGS: british, english, redhead, ginger, posh accent, dirty talk, solo female, roleplay, glasses, nerdy, doctor, nurse, medical exam, taboo, mother, mommy, mom son, wincest, family affairs, handjob, non explicit, strict, loving
duration 25:17
Attack on Hange Titan Bukkake video from OmankoVivi
Attack on Hange Titan Bukkake by OmankoVivi Hange has requested aid in her Titan Research facility, but is surprised when a NEW assistant shows up! She certainly wasn’t expecting anyone to send YOU to help her with this perverted mission, but either way, you’re here for the ride now! As long as you can hold your own with a giant titan around, I’m sure you’ll handle the mission fine! Hange admits to experimenting on Titan semen!!! She has collected beakers and beakers of steaming, hot titan cum! But she needs even MORE! As her assistant, you help her wrangle her favourite titan, Bean! You’re amazed as Hange quickly dilutes into a perverted mess of a Scientist, going completely crazy over Bean’s enormous dick! She loses her mind on his enormous head, drooling and spitting and gagging all over it like a total slut! You’re shocked that titans can even cum, but soon, Bean unloads on her face! Suddenly aroused and confused, you watch in awe as Hange becomes more and more primal, becoming hugely affected by the Titan cum! Soon, she is an insatiable cum slut, coaxing Bean to cum over and over as you fill buckets of sperm for Hange to experiment on~!!! She dumps it all over her body, letting it drip over her tits pussy and ass, before she dumps it all over her head!!! She is in pure ahegao bliss, coated in this steaming hot bukkake bath. Hange plays with her pink pussy, making herself cum over and over as she continue’s to pour Bean’s cum over her, while he continually ejactulates on her filthy whorish body!!! (Toy is a Cody Cachet replica by HankeysToys!
duration 23:54
Fucked By Your Doctor Mom video from Fiona Dagger
Fucked By Your Doctor Mom by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your mother comes home from her job at the hospital and informs you that it's time for her to have a look over your balls and make sure everything's ok down there - you protest but she firmly tells you to stop being silly, there's no need to feel embarrassed. She makes you drop your trousers and examines your testicles, squeezing and checking them for lumps. She asks you some embarrassing questions about your masturbation habits, and then informs you that she's decided it would be a good idea to perform a virility test! She wants to make sure everything is running smoothly and so wants to see how easy you cum and how quickly you can cum again afterwards. You feel a bit awkward about this but she insists, and uses her hand to work your cock until you cum, talking sweetly to you the whole time. After you've cum she insists on further tests, this time using her mouth! She takes off her shirt to help you get hard and sucks your cock until you've cum once more. You're finding it difficult to get hard again after two orgasms so she strips off and bounces her ass for you until you're erect again, then rides your cock until you've cum for a third time. She asks you if you think you could still cum again and you tell her you're not sure but you think so, so she makes you fuck her doggystyle until you cum for a fourth time! Finally she's satisfied that you're healthy and virile and suggests you both take a shower together to clean off before she makes dinner..
duration 9:33
The Mask Transformation video from BlackxRose92
The Mask Transformation by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "A meek, stressed out office worker enters her home after a long day of work, a mysterious mask sitting on the bed in front of her. She muses about how she came about such a steal in her favorite antique shop before setting it down and unwinding from the day. After sighing, she plops down on the bed and kicks off her heels. She proceeds to massage her sore feet while lamenting about how much extra money she could make selling feet pictures and videos if she only had more self confidence. We cut to the mask lying on the bed giving off a faint green glow. She takes one more deep breath and then towards her attention to the mask. She laughs to herself saying maybe she can do it while hiding her face with that. She holds the mask up to see how it would fit. Inspecting the mask, she wonders how one is supposed to hold this to their face with no strap. She holds it at her chest and looks at her reflection one last time, saying lets see how it looks. As she brings the mask close, it suddenly tries to suck itself onto her face with a loud suction sound, she panics and manages to rip the mask away with a loud pop. Gasping and looking at the mask in shock, she tries to calm down wondering if work has her more tired than usual. She turns from the mask, holding it away from her. A green glow ripples across the inside of the mask and she slowly starts to bring it up towards her. As it gets within a few inches, the mask leaps out of her hands and slams into her face, throwing her head back. She starts groaning in pain as the mask begins squirming and tightening on her face, making sickening rubbery squelching sounds. Tentacles shoot out and start wrapping around her head. She throws her hands up and grasps the back of her head screaming “no no no no no” as the edges of the mask come together, sealing her in. She throws her head up towards the camera, howling in horror and pain as the mask continues to squirm and tighten on her face. Crying for help, she desperately drags her nails down her face, leaving glowing nail marks down the mask. She clasps the sides of her head, as if dealing with the worst headache imaginable before she spins into a human sized tornado. She tears around the room as her screams rise several octaves, lightning flashes and illuminates her skeleton within the tornado. After spinning a few more seconds, it suddenly screeches to a halt revealing a green faced figure. “SSSSSMOKIN!!” she exclaims as she flexes her toes and examines her makeover. She touches and admires her new face, winking at her the camera as she giddily fawns over her new look and how good she feels. She looks down at her feet and decides now is as good a time as any to start a foot page. She leaps onto her bed to shoot a POV foot JOI giving dirty feet JOI."
duration 11:30
Compulsive Findom Gambler ASMR JOI video from OmankoVivi
Compulsive Findom Gambler ASMR JOI by OmankoVivi LOOK AT ALL THAT MONEY YOU OWE ME~!!!!! My oh my, little doggy, you've gotten yourself in quite the predicament! It seems you've already fallen dumb to my gambling trap, and by the look of all those zero's... you'll be serving ME for a looooong time~!!! Don't worry though, if you keep these perversions quiet, between us, then perhaps I'll go a bit easier on you... Being my pet isn't ALL bad, after all~. You'll soon become addicted to paying back your loan, just to wrack it back up again!!! Do it, do it! Edge yourself and start paying back what you owe me... You're my dog now, and you barely deserve to even look at me!!! This is just the first gamble after all, do you think the great Yumeko Jabami would give it allllll away, for just her dog~? Hey, just because I’m berating you doesn’t mean you can stop jacking off, you’ll have to finish to the embarrassment!!! This is your punishment for being a bad, selfish doggy. You should behave yourself in front of your new master, so stick your loser tongue out and beg for forgiveness!!! If you’re lucky, I’ll let your lick the sweat off my Goddess body. You’d become completely obsessed then - hah!!! Coming back week after week, paying tribute and desperately attempting to catch up… Wildly humping your hand and begging to get closer - sniff my feet, anything!!! You’ll need to see me again and again, it’s simply like a love disease you know, the thrill of gambling!!!!! (Contains : Findom, ASMR, JOI, Mesmerize)

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