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Art Model Fucks You In Class video from Fiona Dagger
Art Model Fucks You In Class by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the sex is implied off screen) You've signed up to be a life model for an art class, and arrive to find that it's a couples pose class and you have a partner model to work with. She seems very shy and taken with you immediately, only getting more awkard and fixated with you once the clothes come off! She can't seem to take her eyes off your body, and when you're made to stand very close together you can't help but get aroused by her nearness and her breathless excitement over your body. She notices your growing erection and looks embarrassed but excited, whispering to you that she's seen it and telling you to keep it quiet from the instructor. You're put into a new pose with your bodies against each other, and as you shift your weight your cock slips a little way into her pussy! She gasps and looks back at you but doesn't pull away, and as she wriggles your cock slips in even further! She struggles to stay still, fighting how good it feels and trying to remain professional for the class, but soon she's moving without thinking about it, and gradually fucking you more and more intently! She seems to have forgotten the class, or it just feels to good to stop, but either way she thrusts her ass back against you over and over until she cums; and then immediately realises what she's just done in front of the whole class of students, and panics and runs out the door! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, solo roleplay, personal attention, asmr, soothing, whispered, flirting, awkward, shy, body worship, muscle worship, public, risky, tattoos, tattooed, posh accent

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