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duration 15:46
The Super Villainess's Mesmerizing Garden Of Seduction video from BlackxRose92
The Super Villainess's Mesmerizing Garden Of Seduction by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "In this story you have a garden where through the use of special ingredients you grow a unique flower. The pollens from this flower mesmerize, seduce, and enchant men and then fill them with desire and love for only you. You have picked out someone new to lure to your secluded hideaway with the intentions of capturing and enslaving for constant sexual draining. The scene would open with you showing him the flower then slowly moving it back and forth in front of his face. Ideally this would be a close up of your face with the flower towards the bottom of the screen. It would be great if you could have some type of special effect representing the pollens from the flower flowing into his face. Then you would make some comment about him looking woozy or something like that and perhaps he should lie down. Then reveal to him that this was just a trap and the effects of the special pollen. Next make a comment about how you will need to restrain him. Then use those handcuffs or something else that would serve the same purpose. Then make a mention how he is now your's. Then inform him how he will be falling under your control. You will drain him of his free will, all of his assets, and even his identity. In time he will simply be your slave. At some point I would love to see a scene where you simulate unbuttoning his shirt and blowing the pollen onto his now exposed chest, Then you slowly massage the pollens onto his chest so they further enter into his body stronger, affecting him deeper and harder. Then carry on like that for as long as you like. Towards the end explain to him that the main ingredient in your flowers is men's cum. The more you drain from him the more potent the pollens from the flower will become and the weaker he will become as your control over him will grow. (Or something like that). Then you start with a slow simulated hand job which he is trying to resist because he knows if he submits he will fall further under your control. He of course cannot resist and he explodes into your hand. Then with a wicked smile you tell him that you are going to mix his cum with your pussy juice and the special pollens. (You can quickly simulate doing that off screen). "Now I am going to spell my name on your chest R-O-S-E. Well, now I've claimed you as my slave. Your freedom is gone. You belong to me, and only me" (Or something to that effect)."
duration 19:17
Babysitter Gets Tied Up, Ballgagged, And Slapped Into Giving A Double BJ video from Davina Davis
Babysitter Gets Tied Up, Ballgagged, And Slapped Into Giving A Double BJ by Davina Davis A long time ago, I got my massage license so that I could give my boyfriend a good rub every once in awhile. Well that was a fucking mistake. He decided to cheat on me with some disgusting whore because she was "rougher" in bed. He wanted rough huh? From that moment on I decided that no man would ever treat me with disrespect again. I am a goddess, and I shall be worshipped, not degraded. I locked my Ex in the basement and trained him long and hard to become the perfect bitch boy. I didn't want my massage license to go to waste, so decided to pick up an extra shift at the parlor down the street, while my Ex was slaving away doing my chores. Today I had a first timer. Mmmmmmm I just love new girls. This one, however, is a worthless little cunt. She kept demanding that I go harder, then slower, then softer. This ignorant whore thinks she can get away with ordering me around during the whole fucking massage, just because I'm on a payroll. To make things worse, I found out that she wrote a Yelp review, saying "I should stick to sucking dick and giving happy endings." She clearly doesn't know who she's screwing with. This miserable twat is going to pay. BIG TIME. I did some hardcore Facebook stalking, and figured out that she's actually a babysitter, so I decided to hire her to "watch my kids" When this ugly skank knocks on the door, I'm going to knock her out, tie her up, and make her suffer, like she did to me, having to listen to her cunt ass attitude. When the lazy cow finally woke up, I decided to take the ball gag out of her mouth so she could use it to gag on my little bitch boys cock. Now SHE'S the one whose going to be giving a happy ending. Stupid useless whore. Watch as I shove this cunts head down and she cries like a whiny pig. I'm slapping this ugly slut until she can't take it anymore, then I demand that bitch boy gives her a huge facial and blinds her with his bitch sperm. This retarded cum pig actually thinks I'm going to let her go. HAHAHHAHAHA. I'm pushing her down the stairs, into the basement, so she can rot right next to my useless pussy slave boy. Neither of them will ever get the chance to humiliate me again. NEVER!!!!
duration 33:17
Blackmailed By My Daughters Boyfriend video from Darling Kiyomi
Blackmailed By My Daughters Boyfriend by Darling Kiyomi * This video contains heavy reluctant themes * After months of flirting back and forth, you've finally asked out a long-time classmate of yours, and tonight's the night you take her to dinner for the first time. Except... you get to meet her mom first, and she immediately grabs your attention like her daughter never did. Transfixed on her, it's suddenly like everything up to now was leading you to her, not her daughter. A mature, sexy woman like her probably knows a thing or two about how to handle a cock, but her daughter has been fawning over you for so long that she's probably never even seen a dick. You have to have her, but how? She seems like she really wants her daughter to get to go on a date with her crush after so long... and suddenly, an idea forms. Beneath that silk robe that barely covers her curves, you see your chance to make it happen by exposing her big, beautiful tits. And then a simple request: I won't go on a date with your daughter if you don't satisfy me. It seems crazy, why on earth would that work? But then... it does. She would really do anything to make her daughter happy. Reluctantly, she pulls out those gorgeous tits and you know it can't just stop with you feeling them. She's angry, frustrated, hurt, but that doesn't matter. She has to be yours, and you'll take her while her daughter is upstairs waiting for the date of her dreams and her husband is still at work. And maybe, once you give her the taste she didn't know she needed, she'll keep coming back for more.
duration 33:23
Hypnosis vs Fucking Machine - Teased, Denied and Brainwashed into Chastity video from Mesmerotic
Hypnosis vs Fucking Machine - Teased, Denied and Brainwashed into Chastity by Mesmerotic Bound physically by ropes and mentally by Sinister's control, Imaginatrix is the subject of today's experiment. Desperately horny, Trix has spent 24 days edging, teased and denied orgasm. Sinister has been weaving his hypnotic words deep into her psyche, removing her ability to reach climax without his permission. And now it's time to put her obedient mind to the test... Our hypothesis was thus: Trix is so utterly mindfucked at this point that no matter how wonderful the pleasure feels, how many ways she's fucked or for how long, orgasm will evade her. Our method: A fucking machine, a doxy, and an emotionally sadistic hypnodom who's ready to make her suffer... FOR SCIENCE! Abstract: Alongside the denial, Sinister uses hypnotic stimulation to ensure the subject is whimpering with need and bucking her hips against the dildo before the machine is even started. What begins with Trix moaning with pleasure soon turns into melting her mind, her eyes rolling and fluttering as Sinister re-enforces the hypnotic hold he has over her pleasure. Mantras begin spilling from her mouth as she shudders and shakes, dissociating from her humanity into the understanding that she is just a toy who doesn't need to cum, as the machine relentlessly fucks her mind away. Will the victory be for engineering, or hypnosis? Will Trix's mind ever be the same again? Will she get locked away in the chastity belt that awaits if Sinister's machinations prove a success? Time to find out. Models: Sinister topping, Imaginatrix bottoming ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://hypnohedonista.com Sinister: http://sinisterdenial.com
duration 10:29
Big Ass Teasing Sitter Suggests Massages video from Dani Sorrento
Big Ass Teasing Sitter Suggests Massages by Dani Sorrento I'm your sitter and I decide to just lay on the couch and look at my phone while you play a video game. I don't think much of it until I see you in the mirror staring at my butt. I pretend not to notice and start teasing you a bit. Wiggling my cheeks and making my short sundress lift up more and more. I then stretch out and completely lift my dress to rub my butt. Saying how sore my cheeks are and how difficult it is to reach around and massage them. You don't seem to do anything so I tell you to come over and help me out by rubbing my butt for me. I am in charge so you should do what I say. It feels so much better when you rub them, I really wanna return the favor for you helping me out. Why don't you get undressed and I'll give you a massage back. I have you stand up as I kneel on the floor, but you seem a little shy. I'll get naked also so you don't feel so nervous. I only wanna pay you back for doing such a good job massaging my butt. Now when a part of your body is hard, that usually means there is a lot of tension there. I notice that your penis is the hardest part of you so I should probably rub it out. You know what massages even better than my hands? My mouth! Just relax and let me make you feel better. (custom clip, roleplay, sitter, solo female, teasing, simulated blowjob, no toy, booty bouncing, ass shaking, big cheeks, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, butt rubbing, POV views, sundress, short dress, prone position, doggy position, on all fours, brunette, brown eyes, long hair down, tattoos, no makeup, all natural, comforting talk, non vulgar language, barefoot, natural nails, sucking sounds, virtual bj, 52in ass, 33in thighs, size 11 feet, 38dd tits, chubby, bbw, fat, rolls, tall girl, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)

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