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duration 21:36
Hooking Up With Jacob Style video from Dani Sorrento
Hooking Up With Jacob Style by Dani Sorrento I head over to Jacob's place and we get right down to it! We start off making out passionately, I even climb on top of him to dry hump him as we do. Shortly after I start to undress him and reveal his already hard cock, just waiting for me to suck! I take off my dress, only in a bra and panty set, and play with his dick in my mouth. Making sure I also give special attention to his swollen balls. I lick and suck it all until he just needs to stick it inside my wet pussy. I turn around and sit right on his cock and ride it hard. My giant ass bouncing in his face as his cock disappears inside of me. I ride him cowgirl and even twerk on his dick a bit. He is ready to take control though and I get onto my knees so he can pound me doggystyle. He starts grabbing my hair and really giving it to me before we switch to me on my back. Wanting to enjoy seeing those tits bounce and look at my face as his cock makes me moan. He is almost ready to cum, but first we switch to our final position, me on my side with a great view of my huge ass and my upper body turned so my tits are still facing up. Jacob gives me that cock until he is almost ready to blow his load. He then jerks it off a bit so he can cover me in his cum. Boy does he make a mess! It shoots all over and covers my ass, hip, stomach and even reaches up to my tits. Oh and did I mention we cover my body in oil so it is nice and shiny! (Jacob Style, @JacobStyle_xxx, Dani Sorrento, @spankdani, first time together, dirty talk, oil, curvy, thick, bbw, naked, white cock, POV blowjob, POV bj, bra, panties, bikini style, velvet, oiled up ass, oiled up tits, POV reverse cowgirl, side view sex, doggy style, missionary, side position, multiple positions, long brown hair, brunette, brown eyes, big cumshot, huge load, cum on body, cum on ass, male orgasm, thick thighs, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, dress, make-out, kissing, boy/girl, ball sucking, ball licking, dry hump, make up) (video is also posted on Jacob Style's clip sites and please make sure not to purchase this video if you have on his sites)
duration 19:29
cum covered mommy video from Sloansmoans
cum covered mommy by Sloansmoans For JESSE: I barge into your room and ask to speak to you about something… I close the door behind me and confront you about how I saw you hanging out with a girl after school. I instantly became jealous which is why I’m here now dressed in lingerie and ready to seduce you, my son. I remind you how I’m the only woman that you’ll ever need. No one touches you like mommy does, no one can make you feel the way mommy does. I expose my tits and tell you to look at how perfect they are. They’re so much better than other girls’. I start to stroke your hard cock and keep dirty talking. I make it a point to keep telling you how mommy is the ONLY girl you’ll ever need. I get on my knees and take your cock into my mouth telling you how wrong it is but I won’t ever stop. A mother’s job is to take care of her son, no matter what it takes. I suck you and begin to beg for your cum. I beg you to cum in mommy’s mouth and once you do I tell you how proud I am of you. I spit your cum onto my tits and rub myself in front of you. Mommy wants more. I get on the bed and tell you to fuck me. I tell you that no other woman will ever treat you the way mommy does. You push into me and I keep telling you what a good boy you are and how you’re my special boy. You fuck me so deep and good, I love it so much. I don’t want you to stop until you’ve covered mommy in more cum. I beg to be covered in your cum and when you get close you pull out of me and I jerk your cock until you completely cover mommy in your hot cum. Such a good boy for mommy… enjoy me, xo TABOO/ROLE PLAY/MOMMY ROLE PLAY/POV SEX/CUMSHOTS/CUM IN MOUTH/CUM ON TITS/CUM BEGGING/BIG TITS/JEALOUSY/DIRTY TALK/DILDO SUCKING
duration 5:19
BBC Bully Seduction: Fucking Kashwan video from Dani Sorrento
BBC Bully Seduction: Fucking Kashwan by Dani Sorrento (sequel/correlated to my other clip "BBC Bully Seduction" where I talk about what happens, this clip shows the action discussed in the other clip) I go over to your younger bully's house to try to get him to leave you alone. As your girlfriend, I really want to help you, but your bully Kashwan decides he will stop bullying you if I do this one thing. I had no idea he was going to record what he had me do, but this is what you see when he sends it to you. The recording starts off with me completely naked on all fours, the words "BBC SLUT" written across my giant ass cheeks and the tip of Kashwan's cock at the opening of my pussy. I confirm that he will stop bullying you if I fuck his young BBC and that is when he tells me he is recording it. I am not happy, but I have already come this far and I really want him to leave you alone. The fucking starts and I am completely shocked at how big his dick is. I mean it is huge! I am trying not to enjoy it at all and keep begging him to not send you this recording. I talk about how embarrassing it would be for you to see your younger bully fucking your girlfriend and how he has already humiliated you enough by beating you up. I swear I tried so hard to not like what was going on, but his cock was so big and felt like nothing I ever had before. I start to moan and get into it, even dirty talking to Kashwan a bit. I warn him that I am not on birth control, but apparently I said that too late....(custom clip, sequel, second clip in a series, name moaning, role play, solo female, bbc dildo, big black toy, simulated creampie, pawg, whooty, bubble butt, writing on body, lipstick written on butt, bright pink lipstick, bent over, doggystyle, doggy position fuck, chubby, bbw, curvy girl, thick thighs, thick woman, brown eyes, brunette, long brown hair, ponytail, no makeup, naked, nude, big ass jiggling, giant booty, huge cheeks, 52in ass, 33in thighs, ass shaking, shaved pussy, pussy flash, asshole flash, backing ass up, storyline roleplay, spankdani, Dani Sorrento, POV doggy, POV fucking)
duration 13:32
Bad Yoga Student    - Trans Lesbian Anal video from Sophie Ladder
Bad Yoga Student - Trans Lesbian Anal by Sophie Ladder I'm doing a private yoga lesson with Erica Cherry, my worst student. She just won't listen to me, no matter what I say! How am I supposed to loosen her up when she can't even hit any of the poses right? Exasperated I pull down her yoga pants and underwear to reveal her tight little asshole. Maybe if she doesn't want to stretch out her arms and legs she wants to stretch out her ass! I dive right in and start licking and eating her ass, sticking my tongue deep into her warm hole. I pull her dick out from between her legs and stroke it while eating her ass. I tell Erica we next need to do some yoga to open up her jaw so I pull out my cock and have her suck it. She sucks my cock with her warm, wet mouth and I feel my cock get nice and hard as she gags on it. After she's got my cock nice and ready I have her flip over and lube up her ass, getting it ready with my fingers. I slide my rock hard cock into her tight little asshole and start to loosen her up. I fuck her in doggystyle as she moans in pleasure, my dick sliding in and out of her asshole. Next I have Erica lay on her back and fuck her in missionary with her legs open nice and wide. Erica moans and strokes her cock as I fuck her in the ass. Her little tight asshole is getting a little less tight, maybe I can help her loosen up after all. Lastly I fuck her from behind as we lay on our sides and I stroke her dick. I pound her hard until I cum in her ass. Another successful yoga session. Keywords: Sophie Ladder, Erica Cherry, tgirl, tgirl on tgirl, trans, trans girl, trans lesbians, lesbian, blowjob, ass eating, analingus, anal play, anal fingering, anal, anal sex, asshole, hardcore, fucking

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