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Alice in Humiliation Land

Kitty is sitting in her room reading a book when she notices a lollipop. "How strange. How long has that been there?" She picks it up and reads the tag on the lollipop. "Eat me. I wonder if I should," she asks herself. She opens the lollipop and tastes it, finding the taste pleasing. "Ooh, ooh this is really good.." "But, I feel so funny, she says." She lays down and closes her eyes. She wakes up somewhere strange indeed! She opens her eyes and looks around, confused by what she sees. "What a strange place," she says. "What strange clothes.. How did I get here?" Out of nowhere she hears a strange voice. "...Alice." "Who are you talking to?" asks Alice. "You, why I'm talking to you of course," says the strange voice. "Who are you?" asks Alice. "Why, I'm the Cheshire Cat." "The Cheshire Cat?" asks a confused looking Alice. "Yes, the Red Queen's looking for you Alice," the voice tells her. "My name isn't Alice, it's Kitty and I have no idea how I got here." "You sucked the magic lollipop, only Alice would do something as silly as that and that is how I know you are Alice. You're going to have to do everything I tell you to, if you want to get out of here and not get caught by the Red Queen." Alice is shocked to hear this news. "You may call me the Cheshire Cat, everybody does." "Ahh! Yes, Cheshire Cat!" "There's a good girl, Alice. You'll find I'm not really a bad cat. Not even half bad. Now take that lollipop you have, and start sucking on it." Alice can't believe what this Cheshire cat is asking her to do. "You really are a perverse creature, aren't you?!" "I could just go get the Red Queen.." "WAIT! Wait, no," says Alice, and she obeys the cat, sucking away at the lollipop magically attached to her hand. She sucks it with spirit for a few minutes before the cat tells her to take her tits out. "You REALLY are perverse!" "Yes." says the cat, and you can hear the smile in his voice. "What else are you going to make me do?" asks Alice. "You'll see!" "I don't want you to call the Queen.." says Alice, who resigns herself to sucking the lollipop with spirit for her audience. "I can see you're really getting into that." says the Cheshire Cat. Alice giggles. Maybe she could learn to like it here in Humiliation land. "Turn around now, sexy girl, and show this cat your sexy ass." "My ass too??" She turns around and shows her butt to the camera. "You ARE a sweet girl, Alice. Now, I want you to do something with this..." The Cheshire cat passes Alice a Hitachi. "You can't expect...!" "I could just call the Red Queen here if you like." "Wait. Don't call the Red Queen. Just.. Keep this between us." Alice lays on her back and plays with herself until she has a nice big hard orgasm. "You are definitely Alice. Now wasn't that fun?" "Yes Cheshire Cat. Will you help me get home now?" "I think three more sucks of that lollipop should do it." Alice sucks the magic lollipop and finds herself back in her original bedroom. She's so confused. "Oh, man. What a strange.. Dream?" NOTE: Kitty's port and ostomy are both visible at times in this clip.


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