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Human Cow Feeding & Cum with Pixel Flikr

A certain witchy Mistress has enchanted a cake for their Human Cow Luna. They offer it as a reward for doing chores well but don't tell Luna that the cake is bewitched! Luna succumbs to the spell, shoving slice after slice into their mouth and letting Mistress stuff their fat belly fuller and fuller. Then, Mistress smushes the cake under their pretty feet, making the cow lick and suck frosting from between their toes making sure they're perfectly clean. They both feed one another, smearing thick chocolate frosting all over as they get more and more aroused, making out and groping one another. Then Mistress takes a magic wand vibrator and presses it roughly into Luna's cunt over their underwear, making them squirm and moan and thank Mistress for such a treat! Luna ends up with a mouth and belly stuffed full of cake, their fat jiggling as they writhe and beg to cum for Mistress over and over before finally being allowed to orgasm.


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