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Hello Everyone! Welcome to my AP Clips, I've been making videos now for a couple of years but I'm new to here! it'll take me a while to update my library but I really hope you enjoy my variety of naughty videos! Love KimberleyJx xxx

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The Harder they Cum video from
The Harder they Cum Times are hard and for a girl like me I’ll do ANYTHING to get a job & when I noticed there is job advertised online for a part as an extra for a new movie ‘The Harder they Come’ I get myself dressed up looking as amazing as I possibly can just to make sure I’m guaranteed the part. I've always dreamt of being in a Hollywood Movie, becoming a star but little did I know ‘The Harder they Cum’ is a Porno. When realising this & finding out its $2000 for the movie, I mean... who cares, I’m a little slut anyway and it's a lot more then I would have ever have been paid just being an extra. I’m a filthy speaking British slut & I want to show how badly I want the part! Look at how wet my little cunt is, I’d do anything! You’re such a dirty wanker, shove that throbbing cock down my throat, make me swallow your shaft & fuck my face. You fuck my face so hard and messy, I get my red slutty lipstick everywhere. "Was this your plan all along? To get a slut like myself doing ANYTHING to get this part?" You cum in my mouth, thick, creamy white cum but you're not done yet... you want to feel this tight little cunt around that shaft and fuck me silly. I don't want you to but I know you're such a filthy bastard you're going to cum inside me aren't you! I hope this means I've got the part? I wonder what will actually happen in the porno. This video contains: LOADS of Filthy Talking (Cunt.. Etc) , Creampie, CIM, Dildo Fucking, Role-play, Leather, Red Lipstick, Big Tits
The Photographer video from
The Photographer Originally I wanted to be a Disney Princess but as my sex tape was leaked my only other option was to become a glamour model which in itself is really quite difficult nowadays, I posted an ad for a photoshoot thinking I could really start my portfolio. After about 10 minutes I had a reply and the photographer in question had real great feedback so I thought to myself, why not!? I’m nervous to begin with but the photographer really puts me at ease, filming and taking photos of me, this is easier than I thought. Posing in various boudoir positions, I was really enjoying myself, I got a little carried away and got topless even though I said I wasn’t going to but as the photographer informed me it would get me more work & its only boobs, no one will care that much. Little did I know the photographer wasn’t even taking pictures of my face anymore AND he also didn’t warn me of my major wardrobe malfunction (my pussy was slipped out the whole way through a scene!) he told me to get more and more erotic, telling me that the more I look like I’m having fun, the more jobs I’ll get. So to myself look like I was having fun he wanted me to touch my pussy, make myself orgasm so the faces I pull are real. This is where the photoshoot completely changes, he tells me to close my eyes, as I do I hear a noise - it’s him wanking his dick, what the fuck! I can’t believe whats happening! He offered me more money if I suck his dick, obviously, I’m having fun & getting paid for it to… of course I do it. Firstly I start by sucking his cock, then I couldn’t help it, I was too into it, too horny I need to get him inside my pussy! We start fucking in various different position, some POV Sex Amateur style close ups mixed in with shots from his video camera, its so hot, he cums deep inside me, I hope we can do this again This video contains voyeurism, blow jobs, perving, photography style, POV Sex, Sex Positions: Doggystyle, on my back, Point-of-view, BJ, Creampie
The Sex Mad Scientist video from
The Sex Mad Scientist THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO - THE STORYLINE WAS DIRECTED BY THE PURCHASER - NO NAMES WERE USED THROUGHOUT THE STORY: I'm the new Secretary intern, some guy from the Laboratory asks if I can help him pick something up from his home for the work. Since I'm new and want to keep the job I want to see the special project he's been working on. I found out that it's a substance that that makes every woman who sees his dick, irresistibly attract to him. That's enough for me, he creeps me out and I start to leave. Then he whips his cock out... The moment I see it, I can't resist it, the substance worked. I ask if I can touch his fantastic cock. He allows me to touch it, with no hesitation I do so but I want more so I ask if I can lick it then I start to lick it. Then I want to put it in my mouth. He tells me that I have to strip naked, remove all my clothes. With no hesitation I do obediently. Then I start giving a blow job. Suddenly he errupts in my mouth and face with a unrealistically huge load. I'm assuming that must be a side effect, I play with the cum. Then I start again with the blowjob, which turns into a gaging deep-throat. Not long after that he shots another even bigger load. It seems it gets more every time. Every time the cum seems to increase the effect the cock has on me increases even more, I'm so turned on by him. I rub the cum over my face and body, licking the cum from my fingers. I beg him to fuck my pussy. He keeps making me beg then caves in and fucks my pussy on my back with my legs spread. After some fucking and orgasms he fills me up with an unnatural huge load, he cums so much in my pussy and then even when he pulls out he doesn't stop cumming so I get a huge load on my stomach and tits. I am now even hornier, I masturbate my cum filled pussy with my fingers making very sloppy sounds. Whilst I masturbate I beg him for more I need so much much more as I'll do every thing he says. I present him my ass and beg him to fill that hole too. After some begging he starts fucking my ass. Then he comes again in my ass, so much cum! It's incredible.. his invention worked.. it made me cock hungry, cum hungry and just a general slut. Check it out and see what I get up to with the Sex Mad Scientist. This Video Contains: Creampies. Blow Jobs, Facials, Anal, Role-play, POV Sex
Trophy Hotwife video from
Trophy Hotwife I am your younger, sexy, arrogant bitch of a trophy wife, I adore teasing and flirting with you all the time, getting you so fucking hard and desperate for my attention, but I’m always in control which I know and love to keep you frustrated and denied. You know I get to do what I want and I taunt you with the fact, but you would put up with anything to keep me happy!

It’s my Birthday so when I open my gift to see you’ve only brought me one piece of Tiffany jewellery, I’m so disappointed. To pay you back I am going to make you watch as I entertain my newest lover, a huge BBC hung black stud from the rough part of the city! I make you watch so you can’t stop me doing whatever I have planned. My new lover walks into the room, he is over six feet tall and has enormous muscled arms and shoulders, a giant of a man with a giant hung BBC (Big Black Cock). You had never expected me to cuckold me with anyone quite like him!

I tease you and show him what he will be getting; Platform stilettos, shiny red lips, a corset, cinched in very tightly, pushing my pornstar tits up, long opera gloves and jewellery you bought me. 
Suddenly he shoved his cock down my throat, his big bulging black cock (BBC) fucking my face, making me gag and ruining my make up. He then grabs me and drags me across the room, I desperately try to keep my balance but he pushes me onto my bed, you never dreamt that me, your controlling, elegant wife could ever be face fucked like this!

The hot hung throbbing BBC begins to fuck me hard and deep and fast, pounding in and out of my broken wet sloppy pussy like a machine! You’re watching, shamed, humiliated and aroused, watching him fuck me, using me, hearing me cry out as he destroys me, seeing your glorious bitch wife squirm and try to escape the brute breaking me in front of you, my desperate husband. Turning me, your elegant, sophisticated, rich bitch into a cheap slut. His BBC pounding me harder and faster than you could have imagined.

Faster and faster he fucks me, screaming at his BBC, begging him to stop, telling him I can’t handle it, crying out that he is just too big, that he is destroying my perfect tight cunt with his huge fucking black cock (BBC). He doesn’t care, his focus is on fucking this expensive rich bitch until he cums. This BBC is smashing my cunt in different positions (Doggystyle, Missionary, On my back legs spread), pounding me hard and fast, my perfect body destroyed, all my sexual power defeated. He finally explodes his BBC deep inside my pussy, leaving a huge creampie. 
He’s finished with me, and gets off the bed, walks out without a word, not even glancing back at what he did to me. You look at me, my pussy gaping wide and oozing out his cum, my perfect makeup and hair a total mess. Dazed and whimpering, post orgasmic tremors still running through my perfect form. You’ve never seen me so broken , so ruined, nor have I ever looked more beautiful to you. You promise yourself that you will never disappoint me with a gift again! This video contains: BBC, Interracial, Cuckolding themes, GFE, Cheating Wife, Big Black Dick, Black Cock, Face Fucking, Role-play, Gloves, Corset, Lingerie, Red Lipstick, Ruined Make Up, Femdom, Destroyed Wife, Cuck, Cheating GF.
Virgins After School Activities video from
Virgins After School Activities This is a custom video, I do use the purchasers name throughout the video. The Storyline: As a nerdy girl at school I was always the teachers pet doing ANYTHING they'd ask. When I receive a note from Mr Wolf the nice Algebra teacher which informed me of a private after school class, obviously I had to go! I asked him about this as I was a bit confused about the location of the after school class because it was at the teachers address but I know he’s a great teacher and I really wanted to do anything to be head girl. Who knew I would have to ACTUALLY give head to become head girl. When I get to Sir’s he tells me to close my eyes… once they’re closed I realise that this isn’t so innocent. I feel the teachers hands putting on a PVC Blindfold, Gloves, Ballgag and leg restraints. After this - he starts to whip me! I can’t believe it, I’ve never even had sex before! This is crazy. He makes me suck his cock until he cums in my mouth. This is the first taste of cum I’ve ever had and I wasn’t that keen on it but it changed me.. I mean - I’m still a virgin its only a blow job but it turned me into a little slut. It made me SO horny I needed his cock more! I was about to lose my virginity to my teacher and that excited me! I let him fuck me in multiple positions although I was shocked when he came inside me AGAIN, not only shocked that he came once again but secondly because i'm not even on birth control. Mr. Wolf isn't done with me then... I talk him into cumming once more all over my face! I need to go to private after school classes in the future. *** This video contains: School Girl, Teacher, Taboo, Roleplay, Creampie, Impregnation Fantasy, Blow jobs, POV Sex, Virgin Roleplay.

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About Me

Joined Aug.01, 2021

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my AP Clips, I've been making videos now for a couple of years but I'm new to here! it'll take me a while to update my library but I really hope you enjoy my variety of naughty videos! Love KimberleyJx xxx

Age 30
Height 5'2"
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