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Naked PUBLIC dare ends in BLINDFOLDED squirt

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I leave my clothes, go for public walk barefoot, sit blindfolded on the side of the street and in playground, cum and squirt after caught multiple times by strangers! Very complete public dare! I strip and hide my clothes, planning to go for a naked walk, with blindfold with me. I walk away from the clothes and find a spot on the side of the road to sit for 5minutes blindfolded, and yes, I get caught by strangers. However I decide to continue with my naked barefoot adventure and walk MORE FAR AWAY from the initial point... I try to hide from being seen by more people and find an empty playground. I´m horny now, so I sit blindfolded and wait to get caught again, to masturbate, cum and squirt right there! Then I need to find my way back to see if my clothes are still where I left them!


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