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You're Late.... Again.

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Your teacher Ms. Puff is extremely unhappy with your tardiness history, so one day she decides to cancel class for everybody except YOU so she can give you a 1-on-1 lesson on respecting your superiors & self discipline.

First things first, since you don't seem to understand proper etiquette, you're going to write "There is no excuse for tardiness in Ms. Puff's classroom" over & over until that message is burned into your naughty little brain. Should you complete this task, I have an even harsher punishment for you. After all, this behavior is unacceptable & I won't let it continue.
Seems after some ruler lashes, I'm getting through to you.. Or maybe not. Still hearing a little attitude in that voice, so bring that bad mouth over here.... I've give you something to do with that. Lick (simulated w tongue toy)


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