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duration 11:56
Counseled Into Cuckolding video from BlackxRose92
Counseled Into Cuckolding by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "You're a marriage counselor. The viewer comes to you because he needs advice on how to deal with the fact that his wife has turned him into a cuckold. The video starts off mid-session with you expressing sympathy. The rest of the video is spent degrading the viewer, telling him he deserves it and more."

Well, what did you expect when you came to the meanest therapist in town? My online reviews are quite honest, but if you read them before your appointment, you would see that the wives are ALWAYS happy. Now, we just need to get you adjusted to your new living situation.

There's really no escaping this. You can try to fight it and end up completely miserable, and a total fucking loser, or you can accept that your pathetic small penis was always meant to be cuckolded. Take a moment and think about your wife's happiness. You came to marriage counseling for a reason, and she deserves satisfaction; something that you are not and cannot give to her. However, you can give her an obedient, subservient husband that caters to her every need and makes her feel like a Queen. Oh? Still hesitant, well that's why I'm here to count off all the ways that you will never measure up. You won't leave this session the same man. You'll walk out of here with open eyes as you realize what your new life as a cuckold, tiny dick, slave husband will be. You can accept it, and happiness will follow, or you can be physically made to obey. What will you choose, cucky?
duration 10:34
Cuckolded By Your Hot GF video from Fiona Dagger
Cuckolded By Your Hot GF by Fiona Dagger This was originally filmed as a custom video) You're watching your girlfriend get ready to go out for the evening, admiring how she looks in her pantyhose and heels, and wondering what she'll be doing while she's out... when she decides to tell you! She's planning to get fucked tonight, and not by you. She's going out with a friend from work with a huge cock, and she has every intention of fucking his brains out. She knows you've been waiting and hoping to have sex with her for ages, but she has to be honest with you, she has no intention of ever shagging you. You're just around to take care of her and pay for everything. Is that okay? She tells you more about what she's planning to do to this guy, going into detail about how excited she is to get her hands on his cock... Soon she notices that although you seem embarrassed by it, you actually have an erection! Could it be that you're secretly excited by the idea of her with another man? She tells you to get your cock out and start wanking while she tells you more about how she plans to suck this guy's monster cock before getting him to pump her pussy full of cum. Since you seem so excited by this, maybe when she gets home later she'll make you eat the cum out of her pussy... This sends you over the edge and you explode all over yourself! Your girlfriend laughs and tells you to hurry up and clean yourself up, she expects you to be ready and waiting to eat the other's guys cum from her pussy when she gets home from her date later.... x
duration 14:19
Premature Ejaculator 1 min Countdown JOI video from Leila Cherry
Premature Ejaculator 1 min Countdown JOI by Leila Cherry So you're back here again paying a beautiful woman on the internet to tell you how to stroke your cock. Because you just can't get laid can you? You've resorted to getting humiliating by girls online because you're too pathetic to find anyone to have sex with. You have an itty bitty cock that's far too small to fit inside of any woman's pussy. So you just jerk and jerk and jerk. But you're a premature ejaculator, you can barely even last through the first minute of a video. So this isn't going to be a joi that goes on way too long for you to last, it'll go on for the perfect amount of time for you. I'm going to give you one minute to stroke then you're going to cum. After you finish I'll tell you about your tiny eager cock that can't last long enough to please any woman. I know your dick is already rock hard for Me. It's so eager to jerk for Me. I know for sure you'll cum before the timer is even done. Alright loser, start stroking that tiny little pathetic cock. Your cock is so tiny you have to use 2 fingers to jerk your pathetic excuse for a penis. But you don't even have a penis, you have a clit. Play with that little clitty for me loser. Cum as fast as you can haha You probably already came in your pants while reading this, because you don't even need to touch yourself to cum. Your sensitive little clit explodes just from hearing the word "cock". Only losers fucked up in the head love this instead of getting off to a beautiful girl get fucked haha I don't even have to take my clothes off to get you to cum. You're grateful that I even let you have the opportunity to stroke to me, because you know that you don't deserve Me. You know that I'm so much better than you. And that's why you loser me verbally abusing you, pin dick.
duration 5:27
Disgust Training for Lady Vampiras Toiletslave video from Ladyvampira

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